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  1. Easy solution.. Dont join any parties that go MOML.. Just go LFP.. Or use own orb.. 


    I appreciate the people who use their orbs so i can get my quest rewards from kaari so i dont bid on loots.. Hoping this encourages more ppl to use their orbs for others.. 


    Again, if u want the loots, LFP or use your own.. If u join MOML, appreciate them a little.. Why complain over other people's orbs? Give people like me a chance to join these MOML parties, dont hog if u are gonna fight over the loots.. Thanks

  2. 11 minutes ago, tyby said:

    well with the new 1hr weps and a full party of 1750+ ap we failed to clear the second event dung....after 3 attempts we stopped

    Wow.. Out of curiosity, did u guys manage to clear stage 4 turtle?? 

  3. Dont talk about the event weapon as something godly.. It is shiet.. Simply impossible with that.. Gotta be a full whale for that.. And gotta be 1 to get that better 1day version too.. 


    There isnt any "alternative rewards". Just a set for whales and a set for commoners.. 


    This event is depressing.. There's not even a slow and steady approach.. Just either u can or u can't.. 

  4. I have this issue too.. I used to have to run 3 instances at least to complete this daily haha.. Then I tried unchecking everything except for 2 (camera focus and repeat action), hid all chars and even downed all the graphic effects to 1.. Now I still get that crash but prolly 40% chance instead of 80%..


    Thought it was only me but it seems to have become a norm to see ppl dc during longgui fight..