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  1. trying out gunslinger atm ..just returned after years..lol is gunslinger so overcrowded that it's no point playing it because you wont get into any party in F8 or raids? is gunslinger a trash pvp class in arena *1v1 3v3?
  2. i see...judging from what you commented.. their party role/aid is a bit below Assassin class? how about their dps rating against assassin in general if both are on the same gear n rotation mastery level? would you say that BD is a miscellaneous class in pve when ppl trying to make a party?
  3. hi...i was wondering how is BD is pve n what role does BD have in a F8 dungeon pt usually? how is it if BD if were to compared against SIN in term of role/usefulness in pve and dps rating? what hm skills do i need for BD in pve n also pvp?
  4. Returning to game as a chill casual noobie... just wanna have fun n not worry about catching up with the latest patch..... probably playing an hour or 2 on weekdays n a bit more on weekends... could anyone list me 5 chill pve class ... By chill i mean: Don't have much role in dg that will cause sweep . . . Have all 9 classes at lv 50 hm 1 - 10 when i last quit.... yea im aware my weapon now is useless af with all the patches n updates How long would it take to lv a gs from lv 1 to 55 with the current story n quest line
  5. well... its not just accessories and gems that you can transfer... i've seen legendary weapon being 'transfer' and transform into another class as well =) apparently.... someone in server said if you pay big cash you wont get ban from minor hacking as well... said the guy that have his weapon transferred
  6. u mean sf outrun kfm in agro?
  7. lol... i mean.. with the same AP.. which class will do more dps and is the latter doing more burst if lower dps?
  8. what about the dmg output of SF n KFM in a pt???
  9. shape shifter class would be great =) hehe... like master hong transform into a beast
  10. its been quite some times since SF is released. Let;s share the thoughts and opinion on SF in pvp... what do you think about SF in pvp? top tier/mid tier/low tier in term of viability(potential)? difficulty of mastery lv? ping dependency? class in favour and class that counter SF? ect...just share what you guys think
  11. well... that's the prob with global server players.... most are greedy and dont have common courtesy ... not referring to you tho, in other server,,, there;s will be only 1 player who use all 3 orbs.. and he will pick every single drop in cold storage even the one from cold mane.... players in global server just dont have the courtesy to solve social problems in game .... same like in SSP where in other asians server they come up with 1 channel each faction and 1 channel for both to complete.
  12. just wondering.. is there any main KFM players who are lvling SF... mind sharing with me ur thoughts... pve wise and pvp.. dps wise ..ect
  13. the stream was really rubbish tbh.... looks like a first timer playing BnS really really frustrating to watch them play... dont even know about red aoe.. and anicanceling? more like random smashing buttons i find this video is way better than the stream.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtZCaIO1SjY
  14. Q: Will there be a free lv 45 jump character for soulfighter like what ncsoft gave to other server when they introduce to them? Because for many players that already have a main, we want to try the class but to level it up again just to try actually cost a lot of time. How about giving the player who alrdy have lv 50 hm 5 above a free lv 45 soulfighter in the event instead of just a free character slot for everyone?
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