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  1. You guys are hilarious. This game is slavery and you are all slaves. Keep going at it over and over again with each update while I'm laughing my ass off finishing the new story and uninstalling bns till Act.9
  2. hey i have the same lenovo, lowest possible to have steady 30+ or ultra high and have 5+
  3. games arent an investment, its a grab as much as fast as possible and move onto the next one. Makes sense to me, it's boring to play the same game over and over again. "Now imagine how much more money you could have." When you choose servers you have a choice eg pay 10k vs 20k if you pay 10k you immidiately save 10k , thats real money. What you're talking about is imaginative money.
  4. hehehe with every update im more and more happy i quit, lmfao @ players
  5. who cares about the gunner, i want a gon with a spear
  6. If you had a choice between earning additional 10k a year or having great servers for a game you don't play, which one would you choose?
  7. You lot are hilarious, crash the economy oh noes, its just a game, you will still play it, noone gets homeless because of the 'crash'. Hail NCSoft! stop taking this too seriously, otherwise seek therapy. You need it
  8. I use reshade, i wonder if i get banned
  9. https://puu.sh/t3NT0/25f2006dde.jpghttps://puu.sh/t3NT0/25f2006dde.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/248191876358733825/263279957797502976/unknown.png
  10. Does galaxy get the emperor evolution in this patch???
  11. You haven't mentioned whether you have Baleful/Seraph or Raven. Either way as Alysha mentioned, Galaxy needs to be evolved to Paewang/Emperor(KR,JP,TW) or S2.8 Azure Dragon(CN) to be better at pvp than Raven. I assure you the buffs for pvp are worth the wait. Galaxy has 12 stages in total in TW for example but I believe we'll get Emperor with Celestail Basin(Gunwon) and be able to evolve it at st10 hopefully.
  12. This+ SF's are perfectly capable of being a tank, if you know your class. So why isnt there any tank/healer in this game? Answer is, there is. It's the SF.
  13. Hi there community. I was wondering what happened to the effect when a critical is triggered and you got a gem in your weapon the gems aura that used to appear on the characters outline , is no longer there, i.e for example purple for drain or red for additional damage. Has it been removed? best wishes for the holidays kiss
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