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  1. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    and BTW I reported a ticket on this and they refer me to the other weekly problem they are having .Apparently they are not quite understanding the problem!
  2. Is that if you spent Ncoin or Hongmoon coins?
  3. Does anyone know what would happen on the last day of crafting the items for the tables. Would they still finish or will the server update just stop the last crafting on Dec 5th? I can't remember how it worked last year. Thanks in advance.
  4. Does anyone know the percent chance of a unrefined bracelet drop from floors 16-19 (cant do floor 20). I have run over 120 sets from F16-19 and still nothing. All I EVER get from f19 (which from what I understand has the best drop chance other than f20) is a sacred orb.
  5. Update "Ebondrake Citadel" (05.10.16)

    Why is their link going to a blank page?
  6. My bro in law bought a 90 day premium membership thru the website around 4pm CDT and he still doesnt have it active at 3am CDT. He did put in a ticket but I'm wondering if he might have done something wrong (does he have to claim it somewhere?) or does the website membership not work (They already took the money for it). He didnt get anything.