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  1. And still. Nothing but nvidia cards listed so far up to this point in the topic. Let's -at least- pull together some model numbers and what architecture these cards use and differ in. See what nvidia can do on their end if it's a simple driver problem. Unless it's a red herring and the problem really is because of cpu-parking. Then... well lol! Not my fault you didn't tweak the OS for unparking..... on a gaming rig. In the end, a problem only gets solved if people get up and actually try to get it fixed. Throw me a bone here I cannot test your problem for myself be
  2. As long as you don't specifically overclock, you should be fine. (if rivatuner is still how it was years ago, it should have all of the overclocking stuff in an easily-avoidable tab). no worries, I guess.
  3. So far: All nvidia cards I haven't been with nvidia, hardware wise, for 6 years. Are there any similarities between all of the ones mentioned so far in this topic? Like an architecture? It could maybe pinpoint any problems that it might cause in other games as well. if I knew.. It would be easier to blame the performance problems on BladenSoul but since i've only seen nvidia modelnumbers in this topic so far, I think it'd be a fair question to ask if maybe it is a problem on nvidias end? let's find out :)
  4. Boy am I glad that I made sure that my computer doesn't need extra programs or dirty driver hack type stuff just to run stably ^_^ Nonetheless. My favorite is DXtory, since I can lock my games at whatever FPS I want, cutting the overhead almost entirely and make my computers run warm instead of loud. I've also a nice addon that adds motionblur to almost every game that i've tried, so I tend to just lock my games at 24FPS. Except deus ex 3 which I looooooove, so I lock it at 120-constant :) It'd be great if the gpu drivers were simply made better so people wouldn't have
  5. It would help if the game had 100% support skills that do zero/nill damage of their own and actually shared exp and credit among collaborated-kills. Instead of 13 offense-oriented race-classes
  6. -- I rarely buy videogames. -- I enjoy crafting. -- I hate this game's crafting system. --- Final Fantasy 8: Every monster in the game drops something of which can be used to craft spells or items or weapon upgrades of some sort FireFall: Requirements for crafting: " Do you know how to fight? " Yes? Well good, kill whatever gives you the parts you need and harvest them yourself. Need metals? Grab some mining equipment and a gun and defend it until it's done! Mabinogi: Same concept as FFVIII, Every monster in the catalogue drops someth
  7. Having some degree of anything resembling accountability is important for a company here in this hemisphere. It'd be showing a great deal of respect if this Korean publisher behaved accordingly, since they publish games here in the American and European continents. But the players should be made to behave within the confines of the game as well. Hacking is against your terms, I take it goldfarming and goldselling as well? Victim-blaming is a dirty trick from the days of the world-wars. Show some accountability for the problem existing in the first place. (being -MADE- to exist)
  8. The pretty much second lyn ever enountered in the game is an old man pretty much. They aren't children, just not human EDIT: ..oh wow! ! ! a push notification :D Such a cool forum gimmick. I wish all forums did this...
  9. More to the point that since GameGuard is a rootkit: You can inject GameGuard itself with a virus and since it is a rootkit : Your antivirus and any scanning software you can think of is not going to detect or try to disable that virus because of the insanely exempt nature of rootkits. blah blah blah third-party program with kernel-mode level access. . . KERNEL-MODE LEVEL ACCESS. ... KERNEL-MODE LEVEL ACCESS... Think these programs through thoroughly before releasing them to the general public. ⌐_⌐ ... ... And it isn't stopping botters, or hotkey macro makers
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