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  1. They deleted my post.... About being redirected to their legal team. WTF?... Censorship much?.... Glad to see they are FINALLLLLY addressing it though. Illegal practices should be discouraged. Hopefully the way they redress it will be sufficient, and they wont back slide and do similar again.
  2. I asked about the legality of them taking away items that were paid for, and have been forwarded to their lawyers. So, will see where this leads.
  3. Exactly. I went through the 'proper' channels first. I've informed my guild and alliance of their actions, and response, and advised them to hold off on hammers and upgrading if possible, until something is figured out to 'correct' NCSoft's criminal behavior. It's been over a week now of the latest outbreak, but, this has been a problem in the past as well. They did nothing then. They put a band-aide now. And will likely, as you say, just let the band-aide be the fix until we don't notice it anymore. BUT! We shall see.
  4. Just got a reply from Customer Service that this was working as intended. Came to forum and found out it's a huge issue. I'll be forwarding what I got to the BBB and others I know to see about the legality of this. I would post it here, but it seems people are getting censored. Another key sign they don't want people to realize this is a massive issue, and not just an isolated incident. This is criminal business practice. lol, and some people say 'just buy another'.... Sad.