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  1. I wanted to thank everyone in this post and to say that this will be my last post, thanks a lot for sharing your views. What will happen, will happen and even then, I'm still interested in what will come out as a new class. For now I'll try to make it known that those that want a gun class, want a gun class to NCsoft or Team Bloodlust. Anyway, I'll leave this as my last post here, thanks to everyone again!
  2. I disagree, because then you can say the same about the others. For one I am against all the others, and I've met players that would have preferred a gun class over the others too. Then again, I haven't asked, nor met every single player in the game, which means I can't know 100%. However, since gunner IS one of the top most requested I am sure the people who want such a class in the east and west is probably much higher than imagined, since like maybe 10% or less even read forums or reddit. Anyway for now we don't know, but it's very likely it's one of those 3 anyway, the news spe
  3. Karurosuda is right in his assertion that it's a different game that this time focuses on PvP, so you can assume NCsoft will be more careful, and even when one class (the Warlock) started being problematic, they gutted it pretty fast. Regardless, one of the concerns was that Gunner was, at the time, a "ranged" class that they said would have caused problems only due to the fact it was RANGED. Well, now we got 3 ranged classes and 1 mixed. I don't think they have any excuse to not introduce it now, since the only thing missing is a non magical ranged class, and gunner fits the bill.
  4. Also I apologise for the double, however I wanted to say that, this being my sincere opinion, I think that a class with that would use spears would be rather generic, considering it's another melee class in the fashion of BDs, BMs, or Destros. Depending on how they design the class though it could be different, but it would still be a melee with no chi/magic. An archer class would satisfy the long range non magic/chi class requirement, although, while yes it IS a classic, it is also a really old concept that we've seen in thousands of games under different guises already. I strongl
  5. The thing is, that while it is true that most of the decisions are taken in Korea, recently there have been some patch notes where you can see some basic "options" such as race/gender change that (this is speculation) seem to appeal to the western audience or came as a result of the west being interested in such features, rather than the Korean audience, considering the game has been out for years, these changes would have been implemented before now if there was any demand in Korea or other nearby regions. So I don't think trying to to show interest in this is for naught, if anything it
  6. Hello everyone, today I wanted to express my views on the gunner, one of the most requested classes (for a reason), and to give my opinion on why such a class would fit in the world of Blade and Soul: (TL;DR at the bottom, it's a long post) NCsoft has stated that a new class will be released in 2016, speculation leads to 3 potential candidates; a gun class, an archer class or a spear class. This is due to a statement that implied that it was one of the classes that was long awaited by the fans, and from what it seems, people want the three classes I listed earlier, so it is safe to
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