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  1. Silverfrost transformation stone up 60% in cost

    The major issue it that they increased the demand while significantly cutting back on the supply. Since the server merge there is a lot less silverforst quartz and soulstone that can be farmed in a reasonable amount of time. Most of the mobs in SSP are being killed within 5 sec and there is a finite amount of prestige that can go around. Same type of thing with the quartz where it is becoming difficult a normal node. The bots camping the rich nodes are also putting less in the market which combined with a sharp increase in demand will inflate prices. With gold being much more farmable than it was 6 months ago you would expect a natural growth in price but the recent rise may be sustained and has probably not even spiked yet. As far as "fixing" this the only things that I think they could do to help stabilize the prices would be to try and make the resources more farmable. The only things that come to mind for this would be increasing the amount of prestige and HP that SSP mobs have while decreasing the respawn timer on quartz nodes.
  2. So it has now been over a week since the NA server merge and I have to say that I am quite disappointed. Granted, my previous server was well populated and I have a raid group so I was not expecting improvement. The new grouping has had a negative impact on my in game experience. I'm playing a class with good burst and almost 1k AP but am struggling to get credit for Bay Lee or anything in SSP. Changing the materials required for the sacred oil while at the same time removing over 1/2 of the supply seems quite ignorant of the current situation the game is in. Even evolved stones continue to rise with soulstones and quartz going waaaaay up in price. Did it not occur to anyone at NCWest that doubling the amount of silverforst quartz required for a sacred oil while decrasing the amount available to the playerbase was going to have a major impact on the economy?
  3. @XO if you had ever tried to raid in an MMO you would know that getting 24 people to meet up at a specific time and do end game content requires coordination. People often plan their work schedule around it and you normally have fixed weekly times. I have personally not been too affected, as when the issues start happening I go to a different game. That being said I am supposed to do my BT raid on Friday night during the peak times of these issues and if they persist I may just leave the game for a few months hoping they figure it out... or arbitrarily stop getting DDOSed.
  4. Thank you NCSoft

    Thanks for compensating those affected. Under the circumstances this was the best solution that I can think of.
  5. Compensation?

    A rollback would not have been terrible if it had happened within an hour or two of the issue being discovered. At this point too much has gone by in game for that to be a solution for a problem that was on their end (not exploiters) that they can fix with a refund. Do I expect a full refund... no, my experience with their "customer service" has been mixed at best and I am very curious to see what their plans are. That being said, if I find their response to be as lacking as with previous issues I'm planning planning to cancel the last few charges and if I still have an account it will be fully F2P going forward.
  6. Unable to submit support ticket?

    Thanks I have just emailed the address you listed. Please have them contact me if I can help to resolve the issue.
  7. Unable to submit support ticket?

    I ran into an issue in game and am attempting to fill out a support ticket. Once all the fields were completed and I clicked next I was prompted to: try these solutions! as none of the "solutions" were relevant I clicked that box in the following window and was the window went away without any confirmation. I first attempted this about 20 min ago and am not seeing a corresponding entry in the "my requests" que. I have not received an email confirming that the request has been submitted... and am starting to feel like the "support" site is sending me in an extremely frustrating loop.
  8. Recent disconnects

    I have been having a lot of issues with random DCs in the last few days. I had at least 4 yesterday... one of in a winning whirlwind match... and one so far today. Also when I try to log back in I get the account already logged in message, making the process more infuriating and time consuming. Anyone else having these issues or am I just a little snowflake?