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  1. Matchmaking is utter garbage

    Jk, I don't think BnS pvp is balanced at all, when the only way to avoid being 100-0 (for some classes) is a split second iframe or to tab out when the opponent doesn't predict it to avoid tech chase, then there's not much hope. :p
  2. Matchmaking is utter garbage

    So 7 of the classes are broken? Doesn't that mean it's kinda balanced?
  3. Maybe the spectre / meltdown fix or something. Intel's "fix" slowed down some harddrive intensive operations by almost 30%. :p
  4. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    Thanks =)
  5. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    Well, that didn't turn out too terrible... finally got that stuff out of my inbox... been sitting there since forever. :)
  6. Name clean out

    Just add a last name and it gets a lot easier to find something not taken. No need for alt codes unless you want some well known name like: <insert random anime name here>. :o
  7. Anyone knows the name of these songs?

    It is, thanks a ton! =)
  8. Anyone knows the name of these songs?

    I've been looking for the Heavens Mandate theme for the first phase if anyone knows. :o
  9. Issues w/ the current event

    Also, they could add temp. badges permanently to some vendor. Pay 1-3g for a 1h badge to try it out + it would add a money sink.
  10. Devotion

    Devotion looks great on Yuns.
  11. Feline Frisky Adornment

    Except the BnS bundles sold out pretty quick. :p
  12. Blade and Soul Tyrian Cultist Uniform

    Same as RavTH, just doing all quests in the area usually gets you one as drop without even trying.
  13. No gunner?

    Second half of the year? Wut? Am I missing something here? :o
  14. does anybody in this game do giveaways

    This game doesn't attract that kind of people. Quite different from
  15. do something about AFK ppl

    Lots of AFKing seems to happen in Gloomdross, so that wouldn't really help.