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  1. Jk, I don't think BnS pvp is balanced at all, when the only way to avoid being 100-0 (for some classes) is a split second iframe or to tab out when the opponent doesn't predict it to avoid tech chase, then there's not much hope. :p
  2. So 7 of the classes are broken? Doesn't that mean it's kinda balanced?
  3. Maybe the spectre / meltdown fix or something. Intel's "fix" slowed down some harddrive intensive operations by almost 30%. :p
  4. Well, that didn't turn out too terrible... finally got that stuff out of my inbox... been sitting there since forever. :)
  5. Just add a last name and it gets a lot easier to find something not taken. No need for alt codes unless you want some well known name like: <insert random anime name here>. :o
  6. I've been looking for the Heavens Mandate theme for the first phase if anyone knows. :o
  7. Destroyer with the hair from the event.
  8. Can't remember if I posted these pics already. So instead of doing the logical thing and go back to check, I'll just repost them instead. Sorry for any dupes. :P Yep, my favorite outfit! Warlock after hairstyle change. Assassin, just before sacrificing the rest of the team to Zakhan. >:-)
  9. Want a Jin or Yun preset? :p Jin: Yun: Hairstyle top pic (Shangri-la) not included.
  10. Just unlock all races / classes. Gief Yun summoner!!
  11. I'd say at same clocks, AMD or Intel should perform similarly. If you wanna burn cash, grab an i7-7700k for best single thread performance (which is what most existing MMOs rely on). Otherwise go Ryzen for best price / performance. Don't think either will bottleneck your gfx card under normal gameplay.
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