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  1. So a lot of players been complaining about the silverfrost quartz. Farming quartz is very profitable thats how i got from 510AP to 650 in 2 weeks So im here to share where are the good nodes. The ones circled in red gives 2-6 quartz The ones with circle and Pentagonal gives 5-12 "not sure its what i got most of the time" Spawn time of nodes in circle is 1hour 10 minutes. Spawn time of the Circle pentagonal quartz is 3 hours Primeval forst Soulstones Plains and Beast bog Shiverstone Range
  2. when a low lvl lyn tries to attack me on jade stone village while afk my reaction after coming back
  3. my reaction seeing all the new channels on SSP my reaction when the ceruleans were everywhere
  4. NCSOFT trying to fix their server
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