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  1. Crickets of Blade and Soul Yunwa, Looking to join a friendly & helpful clan that can help you through? Join Angris Council! We’re looking to expand our clan with like-minded players who enjoy hanging out, having fun, and playing BnS. We run the latest dungeons on a daily basis and have some hardcore Necro 4-man fans (and some Necro haters). Faction: Cerulean Order Name: Angris Council Leader: Mabashi Officers: ClearReign, Charis Pet/ChariNoYami, Lyla Brand/Lyla Samsara About us: Clan Rank 12 and working on advancing! Most players are on the East Coast and we’re active from 6 PM - 3 AM ET. Mostly PvE, some PvP (mainly faction quests and arena dailies). Players range from casual to semi-hardcore. Most of us like to have the best gear possible and run the latest content, but it’s all about having fun. Clan runs: end-game content is where it’s at, but we don’t exclude anyone if they don’t know boss mechanics. We’ll teach you! (even if it means wiping a couple times) Loot-sharing: we split profits from clan runs and work together so everyone gets a fair share of drops. What We're Looking For: English speaking No level or gear requirement, but it definitely helps if you’re level 50. Reasonably active: about 3-4 times a week is good. Sometimes real life happens and gaming takes a back seat, that’s cool, too. Friendly and social and willing to be a part of the community. Our clan chat is pretty active, let us know if you’re running a daily, we probably need it, too! Discord: no worries if you don’t have a mic or don’t want to voice chat, but we coordinate dungeons, faction quests, crafting and more all through Discord so if you don’t have an account you’ll miss out. Mature and respectful: we like to joke around and a sense of humor is definitely needed for Discord, but harassment or deliberately making someone feel bad won’t be tolerated. How to apply: Whisper or add Mabashi, ClearReign, Charis Pet/ChariNoYami, or Lyla Brand/Lyla Samsara!