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  1. will FM ever return like it was? they ruined the class soo bad thats its not playable anymore if not is there any other class for 200 ping? other than summoner MY FAV CLASS IS RUINED FOREVER??
  2. they say it gonna become worse p2w than bns thats why im not buying founder pack yet but it has many things to do beside gearing and dailies and pvping
  3. agreed but there is classes more forgiving than others that wat they mean fm and summoner are the best for bad ping
  4. purple gem life drain red gem crit and then comes the others
  5. oh i hope they fix it its really annoying but idk why im able to login using vpn thats weird
  6. bro u wont be able to handle it believe me its just not as good as fm and u r not used to cds and running out of skills and block can only block frontal attacks and 5 hits iframe :/ and its really hard to keep with moving targets or fast mobs the only good thing about wl is the aoe
  7. it happened to me 1 time before but it fixed itself the game us having many many problems these days maybe that the reason
  8. i cant login to forums or website anymore idk why everytime i try to login its says "something went wrong on our end" now i tried with vpn and booom it logged in can someone explain this?
  9. DONT DO IT im fm myself hm11 i tried to main WL and i regret everything i spent on it first of all its really boring and annoying to play and it usnt mobile like FM at all i swear to god its not a good idea to reroll u just cant play WL with its long and boring cds and repeative gameplay poor iframes and blocking again DONT DO IT!
  10. thank god im not from UAE lol hope u guys get fix soon goodluck
  11. i think they planning to milk some money from them i mean these are the original look for female character outfits of "black sun" White moon" "thunder and wind god" WTF r they doing
  12. STILL no word as usual GM please answer us
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