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  1. well honestly I don't see me going for the long run if they don't add a similar service... and it's a shame cuz I waited 3+ years for the game to launch and now after 1 year I got so badly bored with my main... It's not that I would want to quit, just the boredom pushes me towards qutting eventually.
  2. So, like the title says, I think I am one (of the , I guess, many) who would like to see a CLASS CHANGE SERVICE. I know, before anyone rants about "start a new char from 0 if you wanna play a different class" etc. etc., I would like to say I am one of the players who started since OB. But due to my daily real life activity (job, school, gf , normal life things etc) I have very little time to play (2-3h / weekdays and 4-5h during Weekends) I got to grow old and tired of my main class. I got really really tired of my main and it would be really time consuming and ha
  3. Wanting to sell this beautifull bangle skin. It's usually up for sale for 400-450g on the Marketplace. Selling for much cheaper (~300g). I'm on Hao District. IGN: HoLeeShet
  4. FM is pretty badass class. In my case, I'm just bored and wish I would have started a KFM xD But yeah, if you know how to play your FM you can wipe the floor with pretty much anyone.
  5. + for the class change, wish they would add it in the Store...
  6. if I only stud a chance in TOI to get the damn challanger -.-" I'll go 5 x Pierce + 3 x CDef Should be nice for pvp
  7. Totally agree. premium users should get all trove slots unlocked and have 1 try / day for free like the others. I personally cancelled my subscription because of this
  8. well I've been advised to use Piercing on Challanger (say if I ever get it ^^) and CDef on the Legendarys. Dunno why exactly this way but meh, that's why I'm asking for advice :) Oh and btw, since I'm a pretty casual player I was going for 1-5 Legendary since 6-8 need 100 wins in WWV and I ain't got time to spend just do get those 100 wins... And I'm pretty sure 1-5 Leg + 6-8 Challanger is a pretty decent combo also
  9. well this is kinda bad news... The idea was that I have 1-5 Legendary PVP SS and wanted Challanger 6-7-8. My plan was to infuse legnedary with cDef Legendary Primers and the Challangers with piercing for an ultimate PvP SS Set ^_^ But I guess that's not an option anymore... Maybe next year :))
  10. so my chances to get Challanger 6-7-8 are pretty much 0?
  11. Hey guys, anyone can advice me an easy way to get challanger SS 6-7-8 ? I must admit I have been playing BnS for more then 6months now but didn't care much about PvP until recently. I know you can get them from Trial Arena (which is pretty hard even if im 650+ ap FM...) or ToI (which is also hard for a Fm... I mean floor 30+ summoner NPC is pretty damn strong) So any advice?
  12. I agree... I'm farming the *cricket* Accursed Bangle for 1 month now and no luck with the box...
  13. well I have that Lamentation Stone or what you call it and only need Asura Ember. But you are right, I could just get the Elixir from merchant :) thx
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