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  1. Same, Wed at 11 PM EST works for me as well. https://bnstree.com/character/na/JennyLikesGunz In game name: JennyLikesGunz Shadow main spec
  2. Hi, I am a 920 AP Gunner (Ceru) looking for a clan that raids BT Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights ONLY, as I currently work over the weekend Friday thru Monday. Any combination of those three nights works for me. I have 3/4 Exp and I have fought Raven King a few times, so I know the mechanics. I have Baleful Pistols - Stage 12, so all I need is a RK kill! Please hit me up in game, my name is JennyLikesGunz.
  3. LOL, smartass =) Also, what the hell is Blade and Soul 2?? I tried googling BNS 2 and all that comes up is the current BNS that is already out in NA/EU and Russia.... Can someone shed some light on this please??
  4. I wasn't referring to your post... I'm just referring to all the "elitist" posts I have been seeing in general here lately...
  6. Your perception of elitists is way off... the reason why we ask for high AP in 4 mans is because we have lives and we don't want to spend 1 to 2 hours in a 4 man, when most 4 mans can be done in 20-30 minutes with a good group. I am a husband and father of 3 children and I work a full time and a part time job, so I work anywhere between 60 to 70 hours a week. If you want to learn a dungeon and not be in fear of getting kicked, then join a clan that is willing to help you learn boss mechanics.
  7. You're talking to a 14 year military veteran by the way, so proceed with caution... All I am saying is that if you don't enjoy the current state of the game, then either learn to deal with it, OR LEAVE! It is really that simple.
  8. Dude, a KFM is basically a monk.... now if you're thinking of the monk from WoW that also heals and does damage, then we have Soul Fighter for that....
  9. I couldn't agree more Melodia. I 100% concur with this statement; you put in the time of grinding all those purples, you get the loot that you desire. Simple, and no RNG bullshit.
  10. Well, if you don't like it, then go play World of Warcraft or some other shitty MMO... The only good MMO before Blade and Soul came out, in my opinion, was Everquest back in its glory days (late 90's)... All other MMOs out there are complete garbage... Every MMO is going to have bots/spammers and speedhackers, but NCSoft is actively engaging this issue, it just takes time. I played World of Warcraft back when it was good (from release to Lich King), now it's just complete garbage. I also played RIFT back when it was good, now Trion has given up on that game too... and there response to RIF
  11. QQQQQQQQQQ...... All I hear is a bunch of whining and complaining about how hard shit is in this game for new players. Well, guess what... DEAL WITH IT! Nothing in life is easy, you have to grind and work for it if you want it! Do you think the 300 Spartans gave up when they were outnumbered by Xerces and his 7000+ soldiers in the Persian Army?? HELL NO! They kept fighting to the death! Stop complaining and man up and freaking deal with it!
  12. Does anyone or has anyone heard from the Developers if we will ever be able to exchange Prestige for SSP keys anytime soon?? The Grindtooth and Konta RNG sucks for keys, as well as killing SSP terrors... some people on my server have over 200 boxes and will probably never get all the keys they need to open the freaking boxes.... If you think this a good idea, plz give it a thumbs up!
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