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  1. Is this costume even available in the west?

    I don't recognize it at all, so nope. Not obtainable.
  2. Cant salvage 'bandit queen' for fabric

    The one that drops in the Viridian Coast dungeon isn't salvageable. The one you can purchase from the Achievement Vendor in Zaiwei is salvageable.
  3. Make Koldrak's Lair NPC Available Outside

    You should read the post before replying. On the topic, though, I agree. They should make it so you can turn the quest in at Dokdan in Mushin's.
  4. 1 or 2 outfits looking better on male, still doesn't take away that dozens of people switch gender to female because male fashion is a joke.
  5. End game progression

    You'll never really need to join a clan, if you don't want to. But after lvl 55, it makes dungeons and raids a lot easier than just pugging it everytime. (If you find a good, helpful clan, that is.)
  6. Is BnS worth it?

    Many people are salty at the moment, because materials suddenly went up 10-25%, 6v6 is still trash, bad performance, and probably some other reasons I'm forgetting. There isn't anything people can get by paying, instead of spending a lot of time. But months of rng and farming can be bypassed in a few minutes, just by spending a couple 100 bucks. That's why "p2w" is very arguable, here. The playerbase isn't too bad. I don't know how many are playing exactly, but only if you expect to see many people still lvling from 0-50, you will be disappointed. Anything after lvl 50, you'll never miss players. Even on big releases, like the one coming in may (probably), there can be 1000+ queues to enter the game. I highly doubt bns will shut down anytime soon. That's just something hysterical people shout. But the grind and grind part is very real. With people on reddit saying it took them over 3 months to max out their soul. And that's only 1 of the items you'll need. I'm not sure about PvP. Arena PvP is almost dead, and kind of has a rock-paper-scissors element to it (class 1 beats class 2, class 2 beats class 3, class 3 beats class 1). 6v6, however, is gear-based. And the moment you end up in an aerial, you're basically dead. It's still free to play, so if you really want to know how it goes, try playing for a month, and see for yourself.
  7. What is SHOP GEAR for ?

    You can use them in the Dragon Express menu, which is a button on the bottom of your inventory. From there, find your way to the correct Event tab, where you can use these tokens to purchase certain items. You can also use them in the transmute menu, which too, can be found at the bottom of your inventory.
  8. Explain why there's over 5 outfits where the buttons are on the left side (like female clothing). Explain why there was an event where the reward was a female only outfit. Explain why many people change from a male character to female, because the fashion on male is garbage. Explain why female has around 25 more cosmetics than male. Explain the existence of Phantom Flower, and why its hat has a justin bieber haircut. Speaking of hats, explain the Sweet Emotion hat. Explain F10 rotations where 1 of the outfits is female only, and the other for both genders. Explain why there's 2 Alice in Wonderland outfits, and male is a joke in both. Explain why there's 2 Riding Red Hood outfits, and neither have an equivalent for male (not even as the wolf, or anything). Explain why a great amount of outfits on male, only seem like an afterthought from the female version. Now, why does female have a turban, instead of a hood? Because male has a flasher-looking robe, and a robe can have a hood. Female, on the other hand, doesn't have this flasher-looking robe, but a towel around them, instead. How would a hood connect to that towel? Right, it wouldn't. Hope that answers that.
  9. Feminine looking male outfits

    Does anyone really complain about After School Special? It's clearly a joke outfit. Not meant to be taken seriously. No, the issue is the amount of masculine outfits in comparison to feminine outfits. If it was 1 or 2 feminine outfits for every 8 or 9 masculine ones, there wouldn't be an issue. But currently, 1 to 1 is closer to what's really happening. Outfits like My Angel, Heart Surgeon, and After School Special, aren't part of the issue. It's outfits like Phantom Flower, Soulmate, and Pure Affection that irritate players. We don't want outfits with skinny pants, little gaps to show a bit of skin, and an overdose of pink. Yet, that's what we're getting almost 50% of the time. Yeah, sometimes I like to wear Soulmate, or Pure Affection. But sometimes, I want to look like a beast, too. And that's basically impossible. That's what the issue is.
  10. You know female has a lot more exclusives than male, right? It's about time male got a decent exclusive..
  11. At 20%, when the game says your weapon is damaged, it's only a warning to say it's about to break soon. Everything still works. When it reaches 0%, the weapon will have 0 AP, and its effects won't work. All remaining damage comes from your other stats/gear, so you can still attack with it.
  12. That's why I said (likely).
  13. Sundered Nexus Chest Outfit

    "The fragment and the key are no longer gonna drop from sundered nexus". Every chest you already have won't need the key to open, is all. The chest is going.
  14. Nice, you don't care about being unique, or showing (likely) evidence of hard work. Others, such as myself, do want this. As I said in the post about the Swordsman Hat, this hat, Bully Wrap+Wild Horse, and Infinite Challenge are probably the last remaining of actually "rare" cosmetics (since even Spider Fang, Red Mask and High Dragon set have been in trove, making them not as rare). You've said that you personally wouldn't also ask for the other 3 items, but now we're a few days further and in the last 7 days, all of these 4 items have had an active topic, asking to make these easy to get. So on this topic too, I will ask, what will remain for the people who want to wear a "rare" outfit? At this rate, it would be nothing.. Should we also make the season winners outfits from 1v1, 6v6, toi, and outlaw, basically free to get? Because screw people who put effort into things, right? (Keep p2w and wintrading in a different topic)
  15. @Liinxy if the chest from Sundered Nexus will be removed, what's going to happen to the outfit, Ghost in the Shell, which currently drops only from this chest?