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  1. Fleeting Weapons

    I just care for the skin, that's why I want to know if it will remain equipable.
  2. Fleeting Weapons

    Will the Fleeting Riftwalk and Fleeting Dawnforged weapons still be equipable after the event is over?
  3. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Can we just not release this at all?
  4. Free Items Bundle

    Any clue how long they can take? 1 hour? 1 day? 1 week? I really want to upgrade my weapon, and waiting a week for some fee reduction isn't really worth it.
  5. No sound when connecting while game running

    Tried it, but when I try to select a device, it doesn't show any options :/
  6. So whenever I plug in my headphones when the game is already running, I get no sound. This goes for other games too. I do get sound if I have my headphones plugged in before launching. Any way to fix this?
  7. Why discriminate against feminine Yuns?

    Yuns can wear female-only clothing. Yuns can't wear male-only clothing. How doesn't that translate to Yuns being female?
  8. Why discriminate against feminine Yuns?

    The healing is a questionable addition. And it doesn't make it not a brute class. If that berserk-mode they show in the trailer doesn't say enough, then I don't know what does. Yuns aren't suited for anything berserk-like. It just doesn't match their image.
  9. Why discriminate against feminine Yuns?

    Why does the fancy, artisan race not get the simple, brute class. Great question.
  10. Servers are less stable when there's a few thousand more people on them? Wow, that's insane.
  11. There won't be Lyn Warden, right?

    This isn't Tera.
  12. That would be great, but I have very low hopes for them updating the tailor shop in any way. We're still waiting for a normal black, too. I'd also love to see extra options on some pieces. Like, why can't males change the colour from the beads on Demoniac, just because we can change the shoe colour? It makes no sense, and they can just add in an extra "Accessory" tab to fix it. Same with the Shogun cape. That Orange greatly limits many options. They need to stop drawing between the lines like this.
  13. You forgot to mention it ONLY looks good with the Dark Path outfit. The red eye on the chest, and blue feathered collar, makes it a great match (because it's designed to be). Other than Dark Path, it doesn't match anything. Maybe 1 or 2 others. Raven is overrated. It's not "cool black and red", because the blue completely ruins that. And its shape isn't exactly great either. Enough of my Raven wep rant, onto the topic. I think it's still too early to release any of these weapons as skins. While not usable as skin, they're all still obtainable. I'd prefer they would release way older, antique weapon paths. True Infernal. True Profane. Awakened and True Siren. The 2 remaining Oathbreakers. All of these look really nice (as BM). And they haven't been obtainable in over a year or 2. Even the uglier ones, like True Blight, Awakened Infernal/Profane, can be used to experiment, with their unique colour combinations. I'd rather have a come-back of all the antique weapons, than these still-obtainable weapon skins.
  14. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    Because not everybody is into full leather outfits?
  15. Where is the Whale Costume?

    There's no hoodie. It would be great if it were. But no, it's hats, and a jacket on male. I also imagined a furry/fuzzy hoodie, with the hood being like a panda's head, similar to the current hat (whether it's the head adornment, or not. It would also be nice if it was just hanging on the back.) The jacket nearly looks like a training jacket (though I made that worse with those stripes). Training jackets aren't cute. It's too cool to be cute, but too cute to be cool.