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  1. He isn't exactly permanent, but he's also not an event. So give it a couple months. The entire reason they put Merchant of Wonders in hard mode dungeons, is to make hard mode actually worth running, as opposed to normal mode. Hope that answers your question. Don't think there's any need to argue beyond that. Doubt this Merchant of Wonders will block out any actual Merchant of Wonders event this year.
  2. How to get wings on the NA server?

    You know there's like a dozen different wings? You gotta be more specific.
  3. Ikjo's Outfit

    The Lycandi's outfit is a HM Store outfit, only appeared once or twice. I don't think it's similar at all, though. And about Ikjo's outfit, I thought the same thing, would love it to be an actual outfit. Its headpiece is gonna be difficult though, cus if they make it a hat, it's gonna clip through the shoulders of a lot of outfits. And if they make it an adornment, it's gonna clip through a lot of headpieces.
  4. Costume question (returning player :) )

    April last year, 5 outfits were removed from the Hongmoon Store. Demon Maw and Scarlet Bird have re-appeared since, while Wish, Yellow Dahlia (Springtime Soiree), and Scarlet Shade have not. They just released Cobalt Captain for the first time in over 2 years, though. So I recommend keeping an eye out on the Daily Specials, and having 800 coins ready to spend, for if the outfit does appear again.
  5. Daily Costume, why not?!

    Because not everybody has 800g to spend everyday.
  6. Revealing costumes for male characters?

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing more? How about we actually get some at least decent outfits first? Also, while Jin and Lyn have plenty already (too much imo), Gon is the race you're looking for for this kinda stuff.
  7. unlock adornments

    100% agree. On some it makes sense, like Lycans Tailfeather, or the adornments from Ghost in the Shell and Iron Clad. But the Phoenix wings can't clip weirdly, nor is it supposed to be attached to anything. The only thing limitations like these do, is prevent player's creativity. I would love to see what I can do with Hustler Coat, the Velvet Rope scarf, or some of the f2p auras. Sure, some people will focus on making pieces clip through eachother as ridiculously as possible, but that's having fun. That's what a game is for. Plus, is that really a reason to block out people who do wanna use such a feature to make really cool stuff? Making all adornments free to use has 0 bad sides, and even save time in the future, since they don't have to add a code so it can only be used with 1 outfit. So yes, please remove these limitations. (Ps. I also bought Decked Out, and got it refunded as soon as possible when they "fixed" its "bug".)
  8. Alice Ribbon Hair and F10 suggestions

    I'm not against it because it should be exclusive. I'm against it, because it would mean the outfit and mask will also have to be sold. And those are hecking ugly.
  9. And those can't be used as appearance. Nice.
  10. Dreadtide has been an antique since early 2016.
  11. Dumbass me might wanna check the actual date before saying "lol no its correk". My bad.
  12. Those have the correct dates as well.
  13. They weren't added on Wednesday though.
  14. Baotite skins are antiques. Can't get them anymore. Siren has horrific colours, looks good on you only because of the pink hair. The Crimson one is just not good overall. Dokumo looks like some sort of bug. You're also wearing a skin-tight outfit, so theres no clipping anywhere. The most normal looking, appearance-usable gauntlets are probably Crafted Raw Iron/Crafted Basic gauntlets. Similarly to Baotites, these are antiques. However, they're tradable, and sometimes will appear in F5.
  15. Thank you for showing us why we should read a post thoroughly before commenting on it. Nightmare hair, Dark Path, and Broken wing are all purchasable at Shrine of the Ascendant. I hope Ravenfall and its mask won't be purchasable, since these are 2 of the last remaining "hard to get" cosmetics. I doubt they'll release Jinsoyun's 2nd phase as an outfit, it's way too nude. I'm surprised they didn't censor it, even though they did to Zulia.