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  1. How to get gold standard outfit

    BT raid, 3rd boss drops it. You can also buy it from a merchant after 10 Raven King kills.
  2. The Red Mask for the mini Dungueon

    Yes, it still drops. It's a rare drop, though. Think around 1% rate.
  3. How to buy customized Fashion/Tailor Shop?

    -Ctrl+C shows all the customizable outfits. -Outfits with a gray tailoring logo are before the tailoring tax, the ones with a gold icon are after. -The tax costs 10 chromatic threads -Threads are obtainable through daily dash, events, and F10 for 40 coins, both N and HM. -Some of the customizable outfits are obtained through Events, but most of them are from F10, trove, and rng boxes. -A handfull of the outfits can also be purchased from any clothing merchant, where adornments cost 8 chromatic threads, and outfits cost 30. -Not all customizable outfits are available at all times. -Only outfits with the tailoring icon can be customized.
  4. Lore-unfriendly armors

    It's definitely not my favourite outfit, but I don't agree that it doesn't match the lore. It easily lines up with the outfits from Sundered Nexus and Irontech Forge. Maybe Scion's Keep as well. Also the design of those 3 dungeons, plus Naryu Labyrinth, Nova Core, BT, and everything from the TT quest-line, make this outfit right at home. Personally, I don't find Black Ice (specifically, since it's a dungeon drop) fits into the lore at all. A big nylon-shell puffed-up garbage-bag jacket doesn't fit the game, or the dungeon it drops from, whatsoever. The only time a mob/npc appears wearing this thing, is Soha as far as I'm aware, who wears the white+blue version. Would've been a decent shop item, but makes no sense as a dungeon drop.
  5. @Youmukon @Liinxy How will Belgian, and possibly other nation's players in the future, be able to gain content exclusive to RNG boxes? Though it's likely only cosmetics, I don't find it fair to block out an entire nation of the rewards, only so you can keep selling these boxes. Especially since generally, the cosmetics contained by these boxes look a dozen times better than the ones which aren't. How will you make this content accessible to players from Belgium, and future nations that will follow? (VPN is not an option)
  6. Release Yeoharan's eyepatch

    It isn't. For people who care about styling, a small detail, or a barely noticeable change in shade, can make or break the overall look. Now we're speaking of a completely different style, so go figure.
  7. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    Yes, it has always been like this, and people have always forgotten to read the letter. And now people are asking for change, so that when it returns, it'll have an NPC instead, or maybe both. Generally, every event dungeon starts off with having to read a letter once, and after that you only have to talk to the NPC, daily.
  8. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    I assume you meant past mistakes. Meaning you too failed to read the letter at least once. That'll be prevented for people in the future, if we can make this happen. Buying NCoin is how we support this company. Part of the money is supposed to go to improving the game. This is part of that. YouTube released a video, "YouTube Rewind 2018", 9 days ago. Currently at 12 million, it quickly rose to became the most disliked video on their own platform. It's an example of a company being horribly out of touch with their userbase. EA (quote from PCGamesN): "For another, Battlefield 1 was only on sale for three days during its first week in the charts, but sold more than double what Battlefield V managed in five days.". Another example of a company being out of touch with their userbase. Why am I mentioning these? Because you're allowing NCSoft to do the same. Arguing against a QoL feature like the one we're asking for, only makes them lazier. Only makes them think they can get away with treating us like shyte. It makes them think they're immortal. If your behaviour continues, NCSoft will be the next example, after YouTube and EA.
  9. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    It's not hard. But it's easily forgettable. Especially if someone indeed changes character, and does so 9 more times. It's way easier to miss the letter, than it is to miss an NPC with a massive blue arrow above its head. And as someone mentioned before, it's QoL. Other than the 1 second per character, because reading the letter is faster for you, you don't lose anything. So we should ask NC to do what we pay them for, and have them implement an NPC. Better yet, we could have them do both. Letter and NPC. Then people like you who care about that 1 second won't have to complain. Keep in mind, f2p or not, they're a company. Not some sort of charity. We shouldn't try to make them feel like they're immortal. If, after the idea of having both the letter and the NPC, you still dare to argue against this, honestly, you're the reason dozens of companies (YouTube, EA) are completely out of touch with their users. Stop trying to save them from doing the jobs people are paying them to do. NCoin are purchased. They're not a reward for donating. This isn't a charity. They have customers, not donators. They have a way to end quests through both letters and the NPCs. So making it so that a quest can also be started through both, shouldn't be out of reach.
  10. Before anyone gets fooled by the previews, I'd like to warn everyone that after a "fix", this adornment can only be worn with its intended outfit. Don't buy it if you wish to mix it with any other outfits.
  11. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    How do you forget to talk to an NPC, which is a huge eyesore on the entire screen? It's maybe 1/100 of every time someone forgets to accept the letter. The letter is too hidden, and as someone said before, if that eyesore I'm talking about isn't there, people tend to think everything is alright. And it doesn't matter how fast it is to the many people who forget it every day.
  12. Failed to upload character photo.

    Just tried it as well, didn't work either.
  13. Yun Only Class

    As I explained in my previous comment, being female-only is not equal to Lyns being animal-like, and is not equal to Gons being muscular. Yuns are elf-like. That's equal to those two. I repeat, 2 comfort-zones. Giving every class 2 races would work, but the Lyn ones would likely look ridiculous on any other race, so that's unlikely. In the end, it's also very unlikely Yun will ever get a unique class. It's the 3rd most popular race, only beating Gon by a small margin (source is a poll on Reddit.). Making a new class takes months of concepts, illustrations, balancing, etc. All of that would be a huge waste of money, if it were then only released to the 3rd popular race.
  14. Yun Only Class

    So you're already saying there's people who want to play SUM, yet hate being Lyn. Yet you want to make the exact same thing to happen with Yun, for the sake of justice. Does that mean you just like chaos, or does that mean you're not very smart? Also, can we stop acting like Lyns being little furries, is equal to Yun being female only? Lyns being childlike is equal to Yuns being thin as sticks. Lyns being furry-like is equal to Yuns being elf-like. Again, my overall point, is that you're affecting people who are completely in the gray zone. I'm a Jin (most normal, average race). I'm a BM (not "guilty" of playing a 1-race class). I prefer playing male. I don't apply to any of your arguments. I too, had to leave my comfort-zone, to try out DES. I too, had to leave my comfort-zone, to try out SUM/BD. And I never cared much about SIN. So why should I be forced to not only make an anorexic elf, but also be female on top of that? I'd have to leave my comfort-zone twice, to make a character of this class. And so far, that hasn't happened yet. That's why I'm saying you're starting a whole new war. So unless this class would be Yun&male-Jin only, it would be completely unfair towards people who prefer to play male. And you would just be fighting fire with fire.
  15. Yun Only Class

    The whole race being 1 gender, means giving the race a unique class would make it gender-locked. I think it's unfair to make a class that people who prefer playing as male, will be unable to play. Sure, this might fix the imbalance between the races, but what's the point if it's just gonna start a whole different war at the same time? People who play bm, kfm, fm, wl, sf, gunner, warrior, all have nothing to do with this little war the Yun community made up. Why should they be affected by this? And not only is this unfair to people who prefer to play male. There's plenty of people who prefer to play female, but don't want to play Yun because well, Yuns are like sticks. Eat a cracker or 2 for the love of God. So basically, your targets are: Sin, Des, Sum, Bd. Collateral damage: people who play the 7 other classes, and prefer either playing male, or if female, at least not being a stick. And yet you're trying to make it seem like this is all for justice.