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  1. You don't know how good you got it

    Hey OP, I'm not mad about the grind or the mechanics in game. I love to grind, pay2grind, etc.. The real problem is NCWest and the almost nonexistence player support. DO you know what I'm talking about? Let's do this: *Netcoding: lag everywhere, even the germans complain about getting 70-100 ping in euro servers *Netcoding, part 2: the disconnections in the loading screens aren't solved yet, in fact, it's worse after the desolated tomb update. People getting d/c at the *cricket*ing load screen, that madness! *Gm/mods support: If you want to complain in here, you are really lost. Not even a friendly mod in here to talk with us or ingame (dragon nest/ path of exile just for giving an example) *The whole "hurr durr this game is perfect" """community""" *Another minor bugs/exploits (wwv rewards, wwv ranks, pvp rewards, ping abusers, etc)
  2. So fhanne xDDDDDD In other news, It's me or the loading screen disconnection bug is annoying as hell now? (the netcoding in this game is hell, tbh)
  3. yeah, stop being an individual and try to be a sheep eating the grass in the NCSoft fields! Come on! Don't even waste your time in charts! Reading is for dumb people! Be a sheep, is fun!
  4. Anyone? I guess this game has no friendly GM(s) talking with the people or playing with them like other games. Why is this game so unfriendly to the new players? Why is everyone so defensive in here? I don't get the hate toward new players. Not even a guide of "how to use your characters" or some useful sticky like that. In the other hand, there is another game, my old game who is bashing their own devs: Dunno if this will change any day, but at least say something to the community and no robot things like "we are monitoring this thread because you can't be mean against other players" like every thread discussing classes, story, gear, etc... Cheers! P.S.: Don't be mad, Mithra.
  5. beyond aggravated with support

    NCSoft West.
  6. BnS NA vs TW...

    Wow, "new" posters defending NA. What a suprise... But anyway, keep going on. People will go to TW try their new experience.
  7. BnS NA vs TW...

    Ok, im in! I'm not enjoying this server anymore. Thanks for the motivation, pal!
  8. Where does a HM 1 warlock get AP these days?

    Oh yeah! let me think... Pirate bracelet from Mujin (or 20 pirate coins) upgrade it til 18 AP more (after that its a pain in the ass) 25 AP sparkling pentagonal diamond (18g I guess) Upgrade you're weapon til dunno, awakened breeze? get a Soul (10 ap more if you want to spend 53g and 80 Labyrinth pieces) 3 ap more from x10 run in Naryu lab and... dunno... Belt is for hp/hp rege and some resist stuff like the CancerThrasher and Asura-dooby-doo, not recommended til 500 ap But hey! Other people can help with this fella! Give me a hand!
  9. Where does a HM 1 warlock get AP these days?

    You must check other places with guides like "how to get good gear when you are lv 50" or another stuff. We don't have any proper wiki or gear tutorial where you can be guided. ded game
  10. Don't bother to point the obvious, some Gm's alts will respond saying "git gud" or some bullshit like that. This place is desolated to have a decent conversation with another player (the fanboys or GM doesn't count as players) They will get mad and say something like "learn to play dude xDDDD". I repeat, try another place to have a decent thread with player and fair opinions (Reddit is pretty meh and /bnsg/ is ERP only) Ded game.
  11. Of course, I can understand you about childish rants and the other stuff but... Where is the happy support? Where is the friendly Forum mod? Where are the staff around here talking with the people? where are the changelogs for every 50mb "hotfix"? Where is the customer service? ANy GM playing with the community, talking like a normal person and not like a robot who is paid for being a robot. Where is the passion for the game? Oh right, NCSoft+2016.... Bad move, really bad. I feel bad about the new players (Green dungeons) and other unfriendly changes. This isn't going to end well.
  12. You know Luna, I would agree with you if any GM talk to us in the game/forum like a normal person. This place is desolated and Isn't a bad game you know. Just awful people making terrible decisions. I repeat: BnS Isn't a bad game but NCSoftWest is really shitting on the community. Not even Nexon makes terrible mistakes like removing the green dungeons in F8 (for the new people) or changing the system to unlock Naryu lab (24man BSH) without saying a *cricket*ing shit about this to the people.
  13. You can simply change to another game, NCSoft will never hear you. I'm trying Kritika, and to be honest, Isn't a bad game for now. I'll try another classes after I max level my warrior. There are a lot of gems hidden in the world, don't try to get mad at one game only.
  14. Why is this game so empty?

    ded game ded clan ded devs ded
  15. Server transfers?

    The only Gm who appears around here is some phoenix who delete/close the thread if he doesn't like it or ban you if you are being sarcastic about him. Take care, just play the game and smile all the time :)