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  1. dont have purchase history... but i have 2 mail with my order details.
  2. its not my first time, tomorrow i bought a premium , and doing fine.
  3. How many time need ncoin to be charge on account?? Im waiting about 5 hour, but, first i bought premium and doing fine..... ncoin cant arrive on account.... support doesnt response. Any suggest?
  4. Today i cant buy premium, yestday my premium is out. And when im going to Renew a premium say me something go wrong err 501 or 5001. Anyone have the same problem?
  5. Snipfox

    Asura 4 man

    Hi all, Im here because I search ppl want To run asura 4 man with first time, i run in 6 memeber But not 4 man. Ppl in cross server Kick me because dont have link achievement. I have a died clan so i cant run with that. For my info on bns Coffe:BlackFoxVI on EU server Anglers Whatch. Hope anyone can help me.
  6. 2 day ago, 1 person on lobby chat, spam a black narrow dungeon, say "pls help me" , i do it, a its a simple thing to help ppl.
  7. Snipfox

    Search Guild

    Fm hm8 566 ap search Active Guild. I dont have time to spend, Just about 2-3 hour a day and want To find a clan can doing heroic Dungeon 4/6 man, share loot, doing some stuff. Add me in game BlackFoxVI.
  8. Im Very tired to spam a heroic dungeon and nOt still drop this f.....g Demon spirit Stone, cod storage Give Less freeze orb, And its hard to buy the with 100 of this piece. Give me this shit, i want To upgrade my soul.
  9. Hi all, this is my first post I have one question, this item can be dropped or buy only in col storage? I need it for upgrade my soul, And before the Patch can be droppa in avalanche, awakned etc... But The costruzione in col storage is Pretty much High 100 freeze orb, And can run this dungeon only 1 time a day, And drop only 2-3 freeze orb why this?
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