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  1. Yea same for warden and other classes
  2. With SB being broken, it killed daily trains. SB is such a great idea and really helped to support keeping the game going in this lack of different content drought (like besides new dungeons and solo runs, we need raids and open world type content.) I really hope the devs prioritize and quickly fix the issues and not take like longer then a week to do it. They should just push back the patch to make sure the currently systems aren't broken at the very least.
  3. Even 10 or 11 at least is good enough. Right now 9 is way too difficult to get 7 dailies for SB especially for new players/alts. Not everyone does pvp or HM dungeons or can get Koldrak sometimes.
  4. Nothing really, it got moved into faction/region chat. I can get a group in like 3-5 mins on ceru side. Crim side is a little longer but no more then 10 mins most times
  5. Yea the account limit is really ridiculous. It should be per character and it's only 1 accessory to boot lol
  6. The only thing new outside of dungeons is the reworked CB (Celestial Basin). Can we please, please get something else besides more demonsbane and F8 dungeons? Even China is getting open world bosses before GL and KR. I know China have their own separate dev team but still we need more variety then dungeons in this game. With the new UE4 this should open back up open 24 men dungeons, raids, etc like back in the early bns days with UE3 but instead it looks like we're going backwards with only dungeons now.
  7. It's a daily quest, it doesn't drop from the guy
  8. Nice, I like hearing that they developed checks for that too
  9. Bug Summary: koldrak hp glitch. Once it hits < 1% it will sometimes only take 1 hp damage per hit. Which at times makes it impossible to finish Reproduction steps: No idea, seems random but usually around 1% it happens
  10. EC and DT are easy dungeons... lol and no one can do those unless they upgrade the weapon. Also there isn't a 3rd easier dungeon for dailies anyways and who does SSP besides the whales that kill everything within seconds. Also this wasn't a requirement before either so this makes no sense and not mentioned in the patch notes
  11. What you said makes no sense because a new player does not have other characters and if they're farming they're missing out on the dailies each day and missing the event
  12. I'm trying to do mid level dungeons but I can't do them unless I upgrade baleful weapon to stage 6.... this pretty much defeats the purpose of trying to get the event riftwalker weapon since I'll be putting resources into my Baleful weapon.... This issue definitely require compensation because I'm missing dailies everyday because of this issue
  13. It's about 5 mins which is way too low. No 1k AP party can beat it in time. Please increase it back up again, it makes no sense to encourage doing these dungeons if the low levels can't do it
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