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  1. Premium Membership (7-days) for 0 Hongmoon Coins

    Imagine complaining about free stuff. 10/10 cry more
  2. 4th anniversary pack

    He means whether its octagonal or gilded triangular. Pretty clear people cant read anymore.
  3. Overcrowed Gunner class

    tfw people think gunner is going to get nerfed when skill changes happen /giggle
  4. Nerf Gunner this is absurd !

    wow you took a pic of gunner starting burst. you so cool
  5. Master repair tool in mssp

    I told you the repair tool was useless, and you shouldn't be using it. Use Field Repair Tools instead.
  6. Master repair tool in mssp

    How is a comment about repair tools off topic when your post is about repair tools? Sir, I would recommend reexamining your posts before you make yourself look silly. Thank you.
  7. Master repair tool in mssp

    Um, because your topic is about repair tools and the purpose of this supposed repair tool. If you really are getting triggered over an inventory slot, might I suggest you throw it away.
  8. Master repair tool in mssp

    Why do you care about a trashy repair tool you shouldn't even be using in the first place?
  9. Summoner nerf ! I'm against it !

    I'm sorry you do not know how to adapt to patch notes and have to be upset about every single change. However, this is not my problem. It is yours. Even with bees damage being nerfed by a good bit, I am still able to continue high numbers of DPS and play a critical role in many of the 6v6 games I play. This has not changed in the slightest, and even though you may like to make up numbers of 40% DPS loss (which its not btw), the tradeoff from high spike damage to better sustained damage is relatively equal. Just because you cannot adapt to patch changes does not mean a petition needs to be made so that you have your "slack and not move" game play.
  10. Summoner nerf ! I'm against it !

    Personally, I feel that for me who uses Bees primarily, this patch feels like a nerf in damage but a buff in usability. Although summoners lost some dps, the new Rosethorn insta cast effect makes the change manageable. Summoners did have high dps, and while I would love to continue having high dps, we have lots of support tool kits such as revives and party heals. For people who use Sunflower, I am sorry for you guys, but at least for Bee users, its not all negatives =p.
  11. Legendary Soul Shield Stats Not Appearing

    Legendary soul shield stats are not appearing under F2 Profile Viewer. For example, I have an almost maxed out 1 Piece which provides about 380 Critical Defense, and I got 3 Sparring pieces which provide 365 Critical Defense, but under F2, it is saying I only have 365 Critical Defense instead of 745. When you hit "P", it brings up the correct amount, but currently "P" and F2 are not giving the same values.
  12. Remove animation canceling

  13. New Improved Petal Toss

    What does everyone think about it? Been experimenting with it in PVP and PVE, and it seems like a pretty strong upgrade. It feels like a HM Counter 2.0, where I can just drop the flowers and drop 50k damage in 3 seconds on Critical Hits. In PVP, it seems like a massive damage spike that can come out of nowhere. Drop flowers, spam RMB, and you take off a good chunk of their hitpoints. How is everyone else using it?
  14. With the upcoming patch and not being able to receive the tribute tokens, will the tower tickets carry over for the new tokens or will they go away at the end of this patch?