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  1. Maybe you also find a nice guild or play together with friends.
  2. Naja, es gibt Buff-food wie die Sonderdämpflinge und die Heroischen Freundschaftstalismanne/ Heroic Friendschip Charms und Revivel-charms kosten jetzt auch nicht die Welt (falls man die da anwenden darf). Wenn man weiß es wird hart hat man vllt auch noch goldene Drachenblut-Pellets irgendwo rumfliegen. Abgesehen davon 4 = tabu scheint mir ne Notlösung zu sein, auf die man zugreifen darf zu sein.
  3. There even was a time from 1:100 or 1:80 in the beginning of that feature so 1:2 is like a bad joke. NCSoft should let the marked rule itself ... then player would start selling gold again, I think. Rarely sometimes a few player sell gold, but it is bought very fast, so you really need to observe F9.
  4. Some player had the idea of a hard and a normal mode like in dungeons: - Hard for the whales with better loot. - Normal without the weapon counting (like in 1vs1 PVP) and only for dayli and some loot for leveling the weapon. The other option to gamble equivalent teams looks more difficult since some whales use downranking to farm the bronce player. So some players thought about punishment for idle (not a downranking-punishment because that is what they want anyway, but timebased ban. But NCSoft would never ban their whales ... ) Another idea would
  5. 2 Questioens: 1. Does this activate vor player, who has a Premium Level but no active Premium, too? 2. Does this activate directly after Maintaince or do we get a Coupon for activation by ourselfes? (Since Level 2 gets 1 day and from Server Maintaince to Daily Server Reset is only an evening with few hours instead of a whole day.) PS.: NCSoft really should give Lv 9 -10 an exclusive outfit (for Lv 9 the outfit and for 10 with adorment and headpiece) for their Loyality.
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