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  1. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Can you make this not be intended and add proper exchanges for everyone that was tricked by misinformation? Thanks.
  2. Discord Rich Presence

    I would like to make a suggestion for the team. Please integrate Blade and Soul with Discord's Rich Presence. It could display what dungeon/raid you're in, invite/join dungeon #, whether you're idle etc. Read more:
  3. Something has to be nerfed because you're not getting it? No.
  4. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    You showcased something that's good for ALL players only to take it back at the last minute. Radiant Energies are worth more than 10 gold, too, so you just tricked people into investing at a loss. Sad!
  5. Suggestion for a NEW Major Event.

    How do you imagine an anime event? I can't even begin to think about it. As Youmukon wrote, it's not that easy because of legal licensing issues. The same reason why we don't have Hello Kitty outfits.
  6. A simple suggestion

    Make an option for 24-hour clock in-game (top right corner).