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  1. High Expectations

    Didnt they say already that the dps meter will be only for the 4man. And seriously, for some things there is no way to satisfy everyone. I remember posts months ago where a lot of people were asking for the dps meter and noone was objecting..
  2. Thinking of coming back

    First of all i want to say i love this game. I love the setting, the story and the combat. However the game is plagued by serious issues that have to do with the management, the business model ncwest follows and the character progress. It is constantly disappointing me with the grindy gear requirements and the poor rewarding. Add the events that are truly depressing and offer no fun / reward whatsover and there you have it. A diamond mmo being destroyed by an inexperienced company. what will save bns imo is ncwest making gear progress very easy up until the last 2 - 3 tiers of gear. Allow more players to access the harder dungeons and make us feel our efforts being rewarded instead of wanting to poke our eyes out with hot needles, which is bad for business. They should realize, happy players = more money for ncsoft. Unhappy players who wont stop complaining and badly advertise the game = eventual death of their product. ugh
  3. RIP Currency Exchange

    Indeed, the exchange rate has totally gone to hell, compared to what it was. It's a shame but it's simply not worth it anymore for people who want to sell their gold. And no it's not a good move to battle gold selling sites cause the legit players are punished in the process and in the end only the crazy rich players will be using the exchange tool and then we'll have yet another broken aspect of the game, if it's not like that already.. I hope ncsoft will set a fixed lowest possible rate, something like 1:30 would be nice, it used to be 1:40+, maybe it was too high like that but 1:13 that it is right now, it's simply hideous.
  4. Hello! I am trying to disable physics for my character but disabling the in-game option "high quality physics effects" doesn't work. Also tried to turning all the graphics sliders to 1, didn't work either. Is there some xml/ini file I need to manipulate? I want to stop hair, breasts and cloth animations for my character. Is it possible? Thanks!
  5. They should implement something like this but only possible after the player to be kicked has been inactive (hasnt attacked any mobs) for x mins for example. I've seen the vote to kick system being abused countless of times, on other mmos..
  6. To NCSOFT: Some Features Suggestions

    Good luck.. Seriously now, after browsing on the forums for a couple of days I've come to the conclusion that NCSoft doesn't care about most of the things the players have to say. They rarely reply to anything we post.
  7. Night Luna and Lyn

    I am an adult girly lyn and I don't like being flat-chested! Π_Π So yay for night luna
  8. A casual level of difficulty for end-game content, with inferior item drops, wouldn't be a bad idea. As long as they fix the game's technical issues first ofc.
  9. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    It's ok, it's the company who is losing big money from people like me! I refuse to pay for something I should be able to run good and instead i struggle with every single day. It's a pity cause the game is good in general, just plagued by so many damn issues.
  10. BnS Guide to Fix Lag and FPS Problems

    I believe the fps drop can be there for many reasons. Even in more popular games there's always players who deal with them. In BNS however there is a huge part of the players who is dealing with poor performance in systems that are considered an "overkill" for the game. If you see the recommended requirements to run the game it's pretty ridiculous, almost anyone should be able to run it decently. As for me, I have tried many things to solve the problem and nothing worked well. My next attempt is going to be the installation of the game on Windows 7. Currently im running 8.1 pro and I suspect that the OS might be the culprit in my case. I've read already on other forums that the game is more compatible with win7 and the performance is much smoother. So I'll just make a small partition on my ssd (even label it "BnS") and install only the game there and nothing else. See what happens.. ugh
  11. Lag or Bug?

    Maybe it's the gameguard crap that is back. Also, you click? wow :)
  12. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    Seriously now, did they ever post anything at all regarding the fps issues in this game. About people with good machines getting crap performance?
  13. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    +1 to this. This software is a plague, it's totally and completely destroying what little decent fps I had on bns.
  14. Stealth Run

    People dont care to stealth run in random groups. Not to mention a lot of people enjoy mashing buttons and destroying everything in their way. Stealth runs are more of a premade party kind of thing ..
  15. Daily dash drama

    I swear this thing is rigged. It's been 4 days now most of my rolls are 1 - 2 - 3. They dont want me to get the new costume! How's everyone else's rolls? How far have you gone? QQ