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  1. Interesting event but hp too high. Just doing 1-3 and the ez dungeon I guess for alts
  2. This conversation comes up all the time. Don’t think ncsoft cares about the old cob webs in their house. Too busy trying to put out the dev team’s kitchen fires with gasoline.
  3. Can’t give a black and white answer to a grey question. Reality is that MOML means whatever the orb owner wants it to mean. They got the orb and the right state their terms for its use. That aside, the whole concept of an orb to play a dungeon that is already time gated is dumb. We really don’t need/never needed this second artificial limiter, devs. Progression is slow enough without it. It’s redundancy just causes unnecessary heartburn.
  4. This doesn’t make any sense. Antiquing our earned items on a whim just to wipe them out and put a new item in that does the same thing for us? This on top of verbally telling each of us that we would be able to exchange them for a net zero transaction. Just do the right thing and either compensate us or have the developers patch in the exchange as communicated.
  5. Yay for getting some gem powder back. Best news I got all day. Thanks GM!
  6. New gem system hurts anyone that transmuted tri guilded earlier and really hurts those tri dyad making whales. That’ll show em!
  7. This is utterly outrageous and needs to be reversed immediately. @Developers I will assume positive intent, but this hasty decision is a prime example of the disconnect between the player community and the developers servicing it. The players are here and ready to talk; someone from the Developer side should bridge the gap and at least compromise with us. 2 radiants for 1 powder or something of actual value. 10g is just asinine.
  8. I started having this same problem with the 64-bit version after the windows 10 update on 3/14/2017. I know they changed something with how 3D rendering works from patch notes. Even specifying the high-end graphics processor using the NVidia Control Panel for the x64 client doesn't seem to engage the GPU. Super long load times too compared to the 32-bit version. 32-bit = 121 fps (gpu is engaged and fans blowing) 64-bit = 52 fps (CPU fans roaring but gpu is idle) i7-6820HK GTX 1080 16 GB It would be nice to see the 64-
  9. I don't think 6v6 should be gear equalized, but the match-making system could be better. Balancing AP/Crit defense on teams is a start. The only problem with doing that will be longer wait times.
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