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  1. 140~180ms everytime in arena, I tell myself, unsub this game and buy ping boost.
  2. Naksun vs classes

    Destoryer and WL need gear up. longer fight, harder fight. if u feel sin is hard, sin has one tricky, kd counter stealth, count 8sec for true sight stun/daze, knock up, do it again, after 43%, try to do that perfectly. All mushin tower boss are really ez for sum and fm, like free. kfm/bm have 0 cd block, so it is not that hard.
  3. dude, at least you are a FM, a melee with 700ap may not have a chance to get a chest from boar, no kidding. SSP is heaven for range, geared(650+) players, for the rest? just waste your time.
  4. WTFast Worth it for BnS? Y/N

    Sign in for vote up this, if one day I need to make a choose between those 2, Wtfast for sure.
  5. this is why ncsoft needs to put in a gear check!

    god bless, u got no bot in your team. xD
  6. New bot army almost reach max lvl again. just check moonwater tear, the price went up like 50s since NCsoft banned a lot bots in past weeks, but they are back now. this is endless, NC only ban bots when there are too many, and after 2 weeks u will see they are back again and again. Nothing changed at all. Btw more and more bots run lvl50 purple dungeon atm, and they even have their own guild, all members in those guilds are bots, but no punishment from NC at all. I am pretty there is a guild from Yunwa named P raise, always meet with those sum bots with 300+ ap and full yeti/necro ss.
  7. 2 dced while we were doing 4 men yeti... just in boss fight
  8. ch2 they just did it. I was just here
  9. Siren / Pirate Upgrade Path being removed

    Dude, YOUR ALTS So easy to farm gold and soul stone with your main, right? For those players are less than 400ap, especially melees, how many hours they need to spend for those materials and gold? rush or not rush, there is no reason we retire siren and pirate path. As NC said "With the weapon upgrade discounts provided by the Nebula Weapon Upgrade Stones in the upcoming in-game event " which kind of event it will be? Another p2w event?
  10. When RNGezus loves you

    hmm, share some fortune pls xDDDD
  11. nice job, this boss is fun. more random stuff than mushin
  12. Siren / Pirate Upgrade Path being removed

    Old path is better, less mats = u farm less for gold U can get storm siren and dark pirate with emblems, no need to farm 24mens and u can get the rest 2 weapons from dungeons. Really hard for under gear & new players to farm gold in this game, the new path will cost them so much time to update weapon. I don't give a *cricket* how other regions work, that means nothing for us. Unless NC will reduce the price and materials for the new path, or this idea is bull shit.
  13. Spammer Bots

    Can't block or ignore, same.
  14. Is this some kind of sick joke?

    GREAT JOB, since more mats we need to update with new path, so u remove the old one, more FARM for new @undergear players. I feel this just gonna more and more close to CN server, NO MONEY? LEAVE WHEN U FINISH ALL MAIN QUESTS!
  15. Really? More p2w?