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  1. Gilded Citrine or Emerald?

    Wondering which is better to get as KFM?
  2. Name for this Character (lyn)?

    Between “Bonnita” and “Twilight Comet”. Thanks!
  3. Show off your characters!!

    How to insert pic LOL
  4. Guilds on mains and alts?

    Ok I was just curious if the guilds mattered depending on alts and mains. I also didn't wanna go through the trouble of levelling again lol
  5. Guilds on mains and alts?

    I currently have 3 soul/merry combos on each character and I'm planning on getting a 4th character as radiant/forge for repair and gem chances. Currently I want to have sf as a second main so should I start it with soul/merry and restart my alt assassin's guild progress (levels 3-4)? or just keep the progress I have with that alt and put the radiant/forge on sf? Thanks for any input :)
  6. Which suits this character better?

    Lmao I googled sultry cause I was unsure of how it meant and the first thing that came up was "hot and humid". Almost choked on my drink. Didn't think the forum would be this even though >.<
  7. Which suits this character better?

    Can't decide for the life of me which looks better when creating a sf Thanks for any input I can get really appreciate it :)