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  1. If you think your affordable playtime is too little and have trouble with the progression, the skinner box is working as intended.
  2. 2stars difficulty isn't just for show you know. If the game is filled with only hard classes it won't have enough revenue to sustain itself. Feel like Dragonica. Everyone has a Paladin for PVP lol. When other classes lose they will say the same phrase "Wait for me, I'll go grab my paladin". Ps. Paladin is so OP with damage reflection and block all other class hit themselves to death most of the time.
  3. 64 bit doesn't mean it will improve game efficiency gpu wise which means no fps improvement lol.
  4. TOI NPCs have 0 ping their actions and cooldowns are relatively faster. Let it runs entirely on local would fix it but nobody cares right?
  5. DnB shouldn't penetrate defense V Why? V Too high health gain per time V "But it's counter-able by iframe" Is this even a proper counter statement? Everything is blocked by iframe since it's the highest form of defense. Is there any attack that heal faster than DnB and only blockable by iframe?
  6. You say like 5s resummon is something not achievable by all mean which contradicts the reason why sum have root/speed/stealth in the first place. You used WL as an excuse then denied that you used it. The ability to use CCs while being CCed is comparable to the ability to recover from CC aside from 2 standard skills. Do you want to compare the amount of recovery you can use per time of every classes too? Seed shroud is used to avoid getting hit. A typical block or 0.5s counter require much more precise timing to pull off and even after a successful counter y
  7. 6sec of speed boost cover so much distance. No melee class will remain in the center and get free pewpew there you pretend to resummon then bait into stealth and run at full speed now resummon again. Not every classes have speed buff to chase that long or have 16m non targeting to poke stealth. " You should know that WL also have that ;) " Nope you didn't talked about WL not at all. You CAN compare health gain per time during one match how many %HP you gain on average. You play only sum that's why you don't know that HP you gain during one match is huge compare to othe
  8. Nope it's easy because seed shroud give speed boost+stealth. WL doesn't have full time pet they need to stand still to summon downtime is high and the most important is that they don't have speed boost without pet so running away to summon at safe distance is out of option. DnB is the most potent healing in the game in arena it doesn't restrict your movement like FM's and doesn't have any requirement like crit or other state. You can compare health gain per time with any class sum triumph all. Just by having lmb pierce deflect means you have 50% less chance to
  9. 1.It's so easy to resummon. I play sum of cause I know that seed shroud is OP. It's your responsibility to keep your cat alive if you fail to do so you should be punished harshly. Cats are friends not disposable ammunition or burnable trash. 2.It's not a huge delay. Cast time is instant, animation is fast it successfully hits the target most of the time. Healing is high and cooldown is short. You want it to be balanced like having 2.5s cast bar? or 3s connect animation like dragoncall? or 45s cooldown like leech? Also you should know that sum is the only class t
  10. How to balance sum 1.Cat resummoning cost 25-35% health 2.Doom n bloom no longer penetrates defense
  11. Repulse S3T3 > +Invisibility for 6sec Soul Shackle S1T5> +Disable offensive-defensive Fall In S2T2> +Resist for 2sec How about easy 16cd guard break like sum too?
  12. Lag (how about set up some hubs around the world? and make it international server) low fps (compared to other regions) fps drop in arena bug (weird it doesn't appear in 6v6) Events and Promotions aren't the same ffs (Event is supposed to hand out free things for playing and Promotion is where you sell stuffs at lower prices. Don't mix it up together!!!) Occasionally memory leak TOI enemy shouldn't have advantages over lagging
  13. Because only loli and shota can combine with anthro sd cats to boost maximum moe power. Plus it's an easy class it generates much revenue!!
  14. Twisted Grimhorn is the zone that you can't solo unlike frostscale. And drop rate on Soulshield and weapon box are really low compare to Zeiwei it's like 1/10 droprate of Zeiwei ruin zone.
  15. This game doesn't have GM. Yes, complaining here will gain you nothing because NCWest doesn't seem to have any authority to balance the game they just published it and took contents from KR. Look like we eat "leftovers from KR" huh?
  16. OP forgot that this is mmorpg. Gear-check and Gear-gradient are always there. If you're lowbie you should run lowbie zone until you break out from it. Or you can ask other ppl to carry you in highbie zone. What's the surprise?? Also you feel that you're supposed to be mighty once you reach lvl50? No, you misunderstood you're still in a scrub zone if you're fresh 50. Endgame starts at 600AP and it will rise even higher after each patches. The real problem is that if lowbie zones don't have enough ppl to run it you stuck. That's the real problem. NCWest sho
  17. -The game progression is linear you just have to walk to the town or hub manually once then use teleporter after that. The reason is to have you immerse and appreciate scenery. -Teleporter cooldown of 2 min is not really a problem you just have to think about what you want to do at each zone and don't forget anything so you don't have to travel back and forth. There are other games with longer cooldown and I haven't seen anyone complained. -Teleportation cost is one of the cheapest among games and it's negligible. -Combat mode prevent you from escaping? Other games with combat m
  18. Officer uniform lacks a hat. Rising sun set lacks a mask. Derp.....
  19. I always cringe at every weird body proportions. (Almost all pre-adjust presets)
  20. Invisibility counters are overpowered. Enemy waste cooldown time while you gain a lot of time to fill your own cooldown. If the same class fight against each other the most boring matches are sin vs sin and sum vs sum.
  21. Yes, body proportions are fked up in this game you can spend hours to make it looks better though. HTK's cylindrical waist isn't just for show duh... Chest plate? Their boobs will be rubbed against the chest plate and burned up in the atmosphere. wut.... btw historically samurai is a male only class. BnS will sexualize everything possible to milk horny guys also complaining here is useless because NCwest cannot do any changes to the existed costumes except censoring.
  22. There is no such a thing called "Free to play" it's actually "Free to try". If that server runs on donation or runs as charity it may be really "free".
  23. 4 ears because who give a fk about anatomy huh? pls I'm tired of htk's cylinder waist don't give this game more weirdness.
  24. Pfff!!!! hahaha "Developers" huh? you used a wrong term. "Publisher" is more appropriate.
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