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  1. Rest in peace FM

    wait what 0 dmg ? i seen people with raven 3 doing 800k dmg in bt ice fm with crapy gear :P
  2. Rest in peace FM

    i see got it now i play ice never liked fire , but dose this effect pve you think ? thanks for replay.
  3. Rest in peace FM

    hi guys i don't know much about fm skill yet , still level 40 right now . can some one explains what they Nerf ? O.O
  4. i have same problem with languages download only my case i wont do it , i have slow internet did you find solution ? O.O
  5. Server Maintenance?

    same here
  6. BD Vs KFM pve

    didn't know where to write this so i will ask here which one of this 2 more easy in mushin +9-15 and tower of infinity (tol) if both with same gear not srue about dps feel both close in dmg ? but ya more easy is what i need since iam not skilled yet already have kfm hm2 and plan on lvl my bd but depend on your answer guys will see thank you.
  7. upgrade my items

    oh boy finally i understand and its kinda what i wanted to hear so i dont need to farm for other gear thx alot mate <3
  8. upgrade my items

    Hi guys thise sec class i make and kinda lost tried read around about if i should go all way upgrade the weapone and acc we get while lvling from main and side quest and i see some say the stat we get not worth the cost if that true when should i stop upgrade and when i hit max lvl which wep should i look for then and acc for BD , thx in advance sorry for my bad english .