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  1. Possible reason for bad performance in Blade and Soul

    They will be changing to real engine 4 soon, if the majority of problems for people is something to do with damage coding or some other small overloads of RE3, then when the update comes it will fix everything for everyone and it will be a vastly better to play for everyone.
  2. Game dying

    MMO players are just very toxic, no changes and even if they give free Ncoin as a log in reward instead of items, people would still complain. You see it everyday in every MMO world chat, either players are belittling others or just saying very toxic things...for example today was a guy spamming faction chat insulting gay people and calling other players gay. There is no "NEW" MMO, gaming companies are too stupid and lazy to innovate as that takes money and why waste money in improving MMOs when people will still play reworked Ultima Online 90's coding and platforms every gaming company bought in some going out of business sale 25 years ago. So comes down to if people like B&S they will return, after they play FF14 for a few months. -WoW is trash graphics, combat, storyline. -FF14 is ok graphics, little customization, storyline is ok, and combat is tab target boring. -GW2 is ok graphics, crap storyline, no customization, trash combat. -Black Desert is great graphics, great combat, great customization, but boring grind centered around pvp, P2W out of control (some PvE brought in with update, see how that goes). Bottom line is the rest of the MMO field is complete trash with the same MMO style/format as B&S, but B&S has best combat, best graphics, best customization, best storyline, best dungeons. Players will come back if they want to continue MMO, if they stop playing MMOs all together then that is different. It will come a time when players want more then 90's ultima online format, and then all the games will be dead. But to complain on forums and leave B&S over stupid little things just proves my first point, MMO players are toxic. But they will be back, because every other MMO is trash.
  3. What is with download?

    Been playing this game for while, had to re-install windows, when I try to download blade and soul it locks up on download from website, gives an error message, or it locks up in update...not sure if this is something new, but if they want new players they should fix it so people can download it with ease. Tried to look up fixes, but they all outdated from 2015 when game first came to west. Not sure if anyone else had this issue and know of any fixes :X
  4. Soul Fighter really bad?

    SF is really the new and only healer of the game, every ice(caster) skill heals you and your party members, along with X skill in both forums doing a self/party major heal. The DPS is very low, but you have vast options to defeat a player/NPC. In earth(melee) you have almost every skill as a knock down or stun or knock up, while in ice(caster) you have every skill healing you and being ice freezing/slowing the target. Cool downs are independent of each other, so when I am playing my SF I will start off in earth. go to/stun, knock up/combo slam down, leg sweep knock down, then crit earth fist (they had a fire fist, but last patch removed it I guess people complained it hit too hard so not sure what that was replaced with), then you jump back switch to ice and start hammering from a distance while healing any damage you may have received in melee. I you switch between and maximize full skill set of both earth/ice you can be a very successful support class character. It also has a revive of players, so...again. If you liked playing the monk or priest or shaman in other MMOs and do not mind the support class, it really is a very good way to go.
  5. Summoner nerfed.. again..

    First of all, you do hide behind your cat and NO..you do not control your cat. The cat automatically attacks whatever you are attacking, you can change commands but you do not HAVE to control him. Neither do you want to control him in Arena, he goes after the person you fire off skills. You as a caster are not going to be right on top of the opponent, you obviously will be behind your cat firing off skills while the cat is chasing around hitting the opponent. Now...you can be foolish...and run to side of opponent and open yourself up to enemy attack, but that would be really bad tactic and just common sense to stay behind the cat so you are not in line of sight and therefore not targeted. The jack of all trades and good at none is not true at all, everyone will say Summoners are a very strong class. Every class is about timing, moot point. Never said whining, I just said if you read the patch notes I posted you would see you got far more buff to your class then any kind of "nerf". There was no nerf, you had 1 skill decreased in damage while having two others increased and a third perks instantly instead of only on crit. I am all for balancing, but asking for more strength on a summoner is like a sin saying they want more stealth. The balance part would be, that some of your damage vastly lowered or some of your abilities removed. Not me that says it is easy, the game difficulty grading on creation page gives it a 2 star "easy" play style. You can try to blow hot air up butts to make the class look hard to play, so you can say "see..we need all these perks because it is sooo hard to play the class". No..it is not, KFM is hard, because you can't go offense skill spam like summoner. You need to counter everything, then switch their attack on them. If you miss a block, or you miss a combo from a block you are just a punching bag not doing any damage. Never said anything about a tank, but you go to any party running a dungeon they will say a cat is best tank. They have fast defense and vast HP, that is what they are made for. The cat is the tank, while the summoner is the DPS the hides behind it. Like any MMO..you send in the tank/meat shield, then the caster stays behind and free to fire off dps skills. So not sure how much experience you have playing a summoner, but if you think your cat is not to be used as a tank role...not sure that I can help your play. I posted patch notes, they got sunflower/bees lowered, but they also got seed shroud and petal storm with boosted damage along with rosethorn instant cast instead of just on crit. You get one skill lowered and then 3 others raised...it can not be classified as a "nerf", just simple logic. 1-1+3 does not equal a negative sum. Summoners do hide behind pets, because pets are aggroed on the target and you are far back casting. Why would you run to the side of your cat and purposely make yourself a target? That makes no sense, if you have your cat already tanking the target, you stay behind the cat so you can not be targeted.....again, very simple logic. If you have a bullet proof wall and someone is shooting you, the rational response is not to run out from behind the bullet proof wall.... Does not matter if the stealth freezes you, it makes it so you can not be targeted so you can get distance and revive your cat before getting attacked.
  6. Fellow clan leaders unite!

    Yes, I am aware of the "small perks". But they are not a lot or worth the effort to leveling a clan, if you looked at the cost of upgrading a clan "mail cost" being -2 copper is completely a rip off. At the end of the day, even the upgrade costs is a rip. The amount of gold and other mats needed to level a clan, you could have just saved it and had 10x the amount of money you save from clan rank upgrade reduction. Some Ideas for clan stuff: 1. XP boost 2. X amount of coin from missions added to clan bank from each player, on top of rewards going to them. 3. Clan party boosts; an entire party of clan mates running dungeons should get skill buffs and % boost in XP, coin, rare drop.
  7. Fellow clan leaders unite!

    I would suggest that being in a clan is not very supported, you can make things in crafting shop, but really seems to be very few perks to being in a clan other then social aspect. I think they should add more features and perks to being in a clan, not only for leaders...but granted, the leaders need more options. To the loss of crown, think we just facing politically correctness, same reason schools went from A-F grading system to meteric crap no one has any idea of what it means. Hurts people's feelings in their safe space to see a crown near someone else's name, and they do not have one near theirs.
  8. Summoner nerfed.. again..

    I thought this was a gag thread, but see people really serious that summoner nerfed! You guys are the only class in the game that does everything, plus you can hide behind a pet and not even get targeted with the target system being line of sight. Noob easy class, only having a 2 star difficulty rating on creation page and having every ability in game along with a pet. But to the point of nerf, I hardly see it as a nerf. Rosethorn (LMB) Rosethorn (Tier 4 Stage 1) now allows the next Rumblebees to be cast instantly on a successful hit instead of requiring a critical hit. Rosethorn (Tier 5 Stage 1) now allows the next Rumblebees to be cast instantly on use instead of requiring a critical hit. Looks like a buff, no longer have to wait for crit but cast instantly. Petal Storm (3) Petal Storm (Tier 3 Stage 2) now grants additional damage to Awakened Rumblebees (RMB) for 3 seconds upon a successful hit. Petal Storm (Tier 3 Stage 2) now grants less additional damage to Rumblebees (Stage 3) upon a successful hit. Additional damage...sounds buff Seed Shroud (4) Seed Shroud (Tier 5 Stage 1) now grants additional damage to Awakened Rumblebees (RMB) for 3 seconds upon a successful Counter. Seed Shroud (Tier 5 Stage 1) now grants less additional damage to Rumblebees (Stage 3) upon a successful counter. Additional Damage...sounds like buff Rumblebees / Sunflower (RMB) Rumblebees (Stage 3) now deals decreased damage. Sunflower / Super Sunflower (Stage 4) now deals decreased damage. Ok...one nerf, but one skill decreated only to have two other increased and another hit instantly instead of only on crit..sounds like a ..BUFF...with a lame pretend appearance of "balancing" it...it is just a buff. Point remains now as it always has, if you complaining you lose with a summoner you just have no concept of how to play these style of games..go to pong or Mario bros.
  9. Proof that Summoner is a hard class to play! kappa

    summoner in creation page is set to 1 star easy, means it is the most noob OP class. Basically, no skill needed, the cat does everything you just have to hide behind it since the game has no targeting. The sad thing is, that NCsoft made this easy mode noob class into a hard hitting killer with heals and stealth. I am completely fine with a noob class, but...some limits would be nice. Reminds me of Daoc days, you had the Hib herbalist that just sat in the middle of his shroom customers that pulled, stunned, poisoned all at once lol.
  10. Vote Kick System

    The issue with BnS in the west, is that there is no community. NCsoft can not fix majority of the people are elitist, trolls, jerks, and bots.... Top complaints in BnS are: 1. Can't kick poor player/bots/afk from dungeons 2. Restrictions to prevent under geared players from running some dungeons 3. 3v3/6v6 matches are full with bots But what is the foundation of an MMO? "multiplayer", which means you are suppose to be part of a community and socially active. If you made/joined clans and ran with them, you would not have any of these issues. Cross server is there for anti-social elitist that can not get along with others, or people that want to play "singe player mode". Which is fine, but you get what you get. You put all the undesirables in a que, you get problems, but nothing that NCsoft can fix. Then you have clans that are "900 AP+ only", then you join them and no one talks and might do some runs together but so boring people leave it. Fix for 99% of your problems: Join a clan, make it welcoming, help each other, be social, have fun, then walk in to dungeons as party.
  11. My ideal class

    We got enough ninja stuff going on, we need something unique. I would vote for a gun class, at level 50 get pohara's chain gun that would be epic. Game is full of guns, would be only fitting for a gun class. Like Phoara, have abilities like gadgets: Bombs, missiles, instead heal from some chi skill get it from a adrenaline shot.
  12. Quick Fix to get High Population

    I was more referring to combo moves, but yes you have a valid point that escapes could not be timer. Having a short delay would not hurt anything but the macros, because it takes humans a few mil-seconds to move their fingers and react to things. I agree, it is a business and wants to make money, but the point remains if they don't fix common simple things they will lose all their money. So it is really simple business sense, you provide good services/products to your customers and they stay your customers. I also agree that it takes a very long time to level gear, doing dailies you might get 5 gold a day. Each upgrade takes about 10 gold worth of supplies once you hit 50, plus another 13 gold to upgrade it. It can be done and I do it, but it is very slow process. 5. That is completely not true, you have HP boost and you have crit and every other stat boost. You also will not see level 30 winning against 50hm10, you might want to think that happens so you can get more wins in Arena fighting level 30s but it is not reality. I know person dozens and dozens of people that said they wont do arena because they go up against very high level people and die in seconds without doing any damage, the "ranking" means nothing. 1. new 50hm10 that just started arena, but still kill level 30s. 2. bad 50hm10s that suck vs other 50hm10, but still will get free win by being faced against level 30 new players. 6. The issue is that the seller gets his money but the people that needed what was being sold in the first place can not get it at the low price, so they end up having to pay the over priced amount either way. 1. Either way, if they sit at entry or spam some skills. They are not really helping the group, so should not be given rewards. There can be bot checks right before each boss or main area, many things that can happen to avoid the issue. As to afk people, if they are afk for entire dungeon why should they get credit. Maybe they had a phone call, that is fine, but they can just que up again. Still not fair group has to go down one or two needed players to complete dungeon and struggle, just so someone can go talk on the phone and still get credit. 2. That is not a very logical or reasonable request, I am not sure what human contact you have had in your life. But people take offense when they are doing something, especially if they paying, and they are not able to have full access to what they were promised and told "just come back later". But even if you do come back later, it is not a one time thing and even if you are level 50 and have waited 50 levels to do any faction missions you will still get same outcome with the 50hm10s. So basically you are telling people, "instead of us fixing an issue known, we will tell you to avoid half of the game until when/if you reach 50hm10 so you can do them without being trolled". 5. You can have rank still, only fighting players your level will not change ranking at all. The only difference is that level 30s will not get poor ranks being put up against low rank 50hm10s, and low rank 50hm10s can not improve their rank by free wins against level 30s. 6. You can still make money using marketplace, just not 100,000 gold, which some players get ripping off their communities..and it is wrong.
  13. Summoner's Cat in Battleground (6vs6) [Closed - Necroing]

    Summoner is very OP, really you don't need any more help....if you have major problems winning PvP with summoner, you just lacking experience.
  14. Quick Fix to get High Population

    There is a few very simple fixes to the game that would get people to stay when they try the game, and from very common complaints that are the main/only reason people leave the game. 1. Afk/bot removal of arena and dungeons: -Very easy fix, many games have an auto kick if inactive in matches. But very major issue, that part of party or tag team in area are just standing there. You get credit in Arena if you lose and don't do 1 point in damage, same is true with dungeons. So you see people have bot que for both, sit afk and win or lose they get beans/rewards. 2. Penalty for low level PvP killing: -Very easy fix, games have had these mechanics back in original MMOs from 90s. But a very main issue in the game, since a good part of game is faction PvP. You will see level 50hm10s going from low level faction area to low level faction area killing the new players, these players will try to switch channels and these trolls will follow them to every channel just lowbie killing for points. Very common sense, without need of hearing constant complaints in game on faction chat, that this will upset people and drive people away from game at very low level. I remember early games like Guild Wars, that had a 5 level flex you can attack without penalty (-5 levels of your level). 3. Stop spawn killing and revive killing: - Spawn tower guards should instant kill all enemy faction players that go to kill spawning players before in range to do pulls or any skills, the other thing is to stop revive if wearing enemy faction outfit. The common excuse of the trolls doing this toxic behavior is "hit 3, your fault". That is not the point, it is still toxic and upsetting to people to be trying to do dailies only to be killed at spawn areas or revived and killed. The game also does not teach you to hit 3, you have to figure it out on your own and many don't until they have been corpse camped for a long period while at that point already ready to uninstall game. There is no reason to allow this behavior, it is not fun and it is not part of the game to revive kill or spawn camp. It is purely toxic behavior chasing people off, and no logical rational reason for NCsoft to allow it. 4. Stop macro use: -Many people get high ranks in pvp and mushin tower, because they macro fight. This is not fair, and more so when you are on the receiving end. This is a very major issue in game and causes many people to avoid PvP and then getting bored with endless grinding, so they just leave the game. Very simple 1 line of code that needs to fix the issue, will take NCsoft literally 30 seconds to fix Macro issue, just install a .3 second wait time for next skill use. In lag macros fail, because the macro just instantly does every move instantly one after the other in a chain 12345. So in lag 1 will register, 2 will not register, 3 will not be available since 2 did not register, then neither will 4 or 5. So using same concept, just put a timer between skills and it will stop macros instantly without any effort. 5. Fix Arena matches: - This has been said many times on forums, not really wanting to beat a dead horse, but will place it just so it is a complete list. When you do level 30 mission "try arena match", you are ranked up against level 50hm10 players. This is not fair, it is not fun, and it is literally just stupid. Who wants to fight a 50HM10 full gear at level 30? No one, and why arena fighting is going down. Very easy fix with this also, just put a 5 level tier system in game. levels 30-35 training arena, 36-40 advanced arena, 41-45 experienced arena, etc. Common sense, easy fix, and will help arena activity flourish then one more major element in game playable to attract players to stay. 6. Marketplace Prices: - Free market does not work, you can see that in every MMO that has every had a market place. You have people getting items and selling it way to high priced, then when someone tries to under sell them they will just buy their stuff and sell it themselves at the same high price as their stuff already is. Other games have this option, where marketplace has a max/min sell price so things are balanced. You have f2p players and casual players that can not afford most stuff, because they do not have ability or time to grind like the 30 yr old men still living in mom's basement. No insult against them, do your thing, but their lack of motivation to have a life outside of B&S should not cause other players to be hindered or hurt. ...could be other very common and simple fixes to the game to get it doing so much better, but this seems to be the major issues that drive mass amounts of new/old players off that can be all fixed in literally a day at most. So 8 hours of employee pay might be worth the millions more the game can profit, if common sense and easy fixes were made.