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  1. They will be changing to real engine 4 soon, if the majority of problems for people is something to do with damage coding or some other small overloads of RE3, then when the update comes it will fix everything for everyone and it will be a vastly better to play for everyone.
  2. MMO players are just very toxic, no changes and even if they give free Ncoin as a log in reward instead of items, people would still complain. You see it everyday in every MMO world chat, either players are belittling others or just saying very toxic things...for example today was a guy spamming faction chat insulting gay people and calling other players gay. There is no "NEW" MMO, gaming companies are too stupid and lazy to innovate as that takes money and why waste money in improving MMOs when people will still play reworked Ultima Online 90's coding and platforms every gaming c
  3. Been playing this game for while, had to re-install windows, when I try to download blade and soul it locks up on download from website, gives an error message, or it locks up in update...not sure if this is something new, but if they want new players they should fix it so people can download it with ease. Tried to look up fixes, but they all outdated from 2015 when game first came to west. Not sure if anyone else had this issue and know of any fixes :X
  4. SF is really the new and only healer of the game, every ice(caster) skill heals you and your party members, along with X skill in both forums doing a self/party major heal. The DPS is very low, but you have vast options to defeat a player/NPC. In earth(melee) you have almost every skill as a knock down or stun or knock up, while in ice(caster) you have every skill healing you and being ice freezing/slowing the target. Cool downs are independent of each other, so when I am playing my SF I will start off in earth. go to/stun, knock up/combo slam down, leg sweep knock do
  5. First of all, you do hide behind your cat and NO..you do not control your cat. The cat automatically attacks whatever you are attacking, you can change commands but you do not HAVE to control him. Neither do you want to control him in Arena, he goes after the person you fire off skills. You as a caster are not going to be right on top of the opponent, you obviously will be behind your cat firing off skills while the cat is chasing around hitting the opponent. Now...you can be foolish...and run to side of opponent and open yourself up to enemy attack, but that would be really bad tactic and
  6. Yes, I am aware of the "small perks". But they are not a lot or worth the effort to leveling a clan, if you looked at the cost of upgrading a clan "mail cost" being -2 copper is completely a rip off. At the end of the day, even the upgrade costs is a rip. The amount of gold and other mats needed to level a clan, you could have just saved it and had 10x the amount of money you save from clan rank upgrade reduction. Some Ideas for clan stuff: 1. XP boost 2. X amount of coin from missions added to clan bank from each player, on top of rewards going to them.
  7. I would suggest that being in a clan is not very supported, you can make things in crafting shop, but really seems to be very few perks to being in a clan other then social aspect. I think they should add more features and perks to being in a clan, not only for leaders...but granted, the leaders need more options. To the loss of crown, think we just facing politically correctness, same reason schools went from A-F grading system to meteric crap no one has any idea of what it means. Hurts people's feelings in their safe space to see a crown near someone else's name, and they do no
  8. I thought this was a gag thread, but see people really serious that summoner nerfed! You guys are the only class in the game that does everything, plus you can hide behind a pet and not even get targeted with the target system being line of sight. Noob easy class, only having a 2 star difficulty rating on creation page and having every ability in game along with a pet. But to the point of nerf, I hardly see it as a nerf. Rosethorn (LMB) Rosethorn (Tier 4 Stage 1) now allows the next Rumblebees to be cast instantly on a successful hit instead of requiring a critical hit.
  9. summoner in creation page is set to 1 star easy, means it is the most noob OP class. Basically, no skill needed, the cat does everything you just have to hide behind it since the game has no targeting. The sad thing is, that NCsoft made this easy mode noob class into a hard hitting killer with heals and stealth. I am completely fine with a noob class, but...some limits would be nice. Reminds me of Daoc days, you had the Hib herbalist that just sat in the middle of his shroom customers that pulled, stunned, poisoned all at once lol.
  10. Summoner is very OP, really you don't need any more help....if you have major problems winning PvP with summoner, you just lacking experience.
  11. I would like better open world PVP, the arena is uneven and macro city, so really pvp is completely worthless. On my server/cluster, Crimson was stomping Ceru so all the big gun PVP players and clans went crimson. Now our Faction is filled with bots spamming, the faction NPC says we even but not so as we just filled with bots they won't get rid of, and we try to go do faction ssp or something we get stomped...we bring 10, then come with 30. We bring 20, they bring 60. Which means as noobs that join our side realize this and want to PVP once they get up to 50, they move to crimson and we ge
  12. Have to remember, game is not made as a realistic setting. The game is basically anime characters, if you watch any anime, the girls have very large breasts that do the same jiggle. best Anime known pose, is a girl standing up straight, and her breasts jiggle for a good 30 seconds before they set. The reason Anime has it, probably B&S, is that even though breasts are great by themselves people enjoy the jiggle as an added bonus. Naturally breasts don't have a very natural jiggle, since they are heavy, so they did the "feather boob" effect to give not only breasts but jiggle.
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