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  1. And all that for a recolor of a pve path weapon skin with some added sparkles......
  2. Yeah i am with you here, though starstone mines is fairly easy. But seriously a horrible recolor of a horrible outfit and a weapon skin you can get by going to mushins tower ?
  3. as topic says Have experience and several kills vt 1-3 and sk. Send forums pm thanks.
  4. I havn't seen anything good yet fromt he merchant, jsut outfits i already have.
  5. Only thing that will get attention is using a bad word ... it is not like they read this stuff otherwise now is.
  6. well here is a few of mine, i got so many screenshots ....
  7. ok finished baking, and glazing it. Necklace anyone :P ?
  8. On those days i do not play BnS... or i just blame the new weapon skins, love the bracers/gauntlet and the axe ... something like this happens. Made out of Polymer Clay , sadly i had to purple so i used pink instead , not baked or glazed yet but i thought i share
  9. You all go on about the Gon hair and the mask but did anyone actually look at the Lyn dress, pretty much same to me ?
  10. Why is the weapon preview for unsealed weapon on the broker not working anymore?
  11. I got a new one the moved on from in game messages from *GMs* to in game mails from the NCSOFT TEAM DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP
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