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  1. All the time and effort ppl put to get items and be competitive is really frustrating AF when it comes down to get on top 10 of ur class and u keep getting hm1/2 or pve players that RUIN UR EXPERIENCE. All the work ppl puting to get a decent character gets destroyed by ur stupid incapability to make a serious matchmaking. Yes u all can flame me about being salty,but i bet most part of ppl that try to be in high rank have the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing feeling. PUT UR SHIT TOGETHER AND WORK OUT FOR SOMETHING. Thx in advance.
  2. Shittiest servers around. Put ur shit together and get some serious server. U are good and fast enough to grab money from premium and events p2w. Now use it and keep us the players base happy. PS:Äbout the ones saying dont cry and ask about compensation try to dc in 3 beluga matchs in a row,or not being able to grab loot at stage 6 MSP boss.
  3. Its a hard life for all the top players on this game.
  4. How u enter there? I have 3 normal keys+2 gold keys,i know wheres the room but i cant open the door. Can u share ur experience? :)
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