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  1. SIN and BM new skills are cool. KFM, sorry, but your suck.
  2. NC should remove all races but lyns.
  3. 2)Because RU server have servers in Russia/Europe but EU server have server in NA, because NA > EU for NC. 6)Olay game, dont think about loli costumes.
  4. I leave paty if patry fail boss, it is normal.
  5. SF is KFM with no KFM weaknesses.
  6. BM,KFM,DM - fast. FM,BD,WL,sin - not fast. SF,SM - quit.
  7. Hello! I can get 41 floor with 560 AP. I quit tower when i get cat or SF opponent, they take 3 times more time to kill.
  8. SF - KFM 2.0 SF will be top tier with legendary skills.
  9. BNS is not E sport game. I have 56 WL, use him only for PVE, never arena again. Want PVP - cat or DM.
  10. Watch movie "Alien" - there is answer!
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