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  1. Blade & Soul KR *New Content*

    SIN and BM new skills are cool. KFM, sorry, but your suck.
  2. buff cats and nerf all others :3
  3. New class?

    NC should remove all races but lyns.
  4. My Letter to Blade and Soul West.

    2)Because RU server have servers in Russia/Europe but EU server have server in NA, because NA > EU for NC. 6)Olay game, dont think about loli costumes.
  5. Dungeon leavers

    I leave paty if patry fail boss, it is normal.
  6. KFM or Soul Fighter?

    SF is KFM with no KFM weaknesses.
  7. Naksun vs classes

    I agree, cat need hard buff!
  8. Ok i got tired from it!

    Dont drink.
  9. Ok i got tired from it!

    We should report all cry babbys for Trolling...
  10. Ok i got tired from it!

    You really dont understand that it was sarcasm?
  11. Ok i got tired from it!

    But... My class is weak! (other games have perfect balance) Arena is dead! (other games with gear isn arena are balanced) My ping is bad! (other games have 10-18 ping) We dont have costumes i want! (other games have costume i want in BNS) No new content last 2 weeks! (other games update each 4-6 days) Too many bots! (other games dont have bots) Pay to win game! (arena dont have gear, stipp pay to win)
  12. Summoner in Infinite Tower Needs Nerf

    BM,KFM,DM - fast. FM,BD,WL,sin - not fast. SF,SM - quit.
  13. Summoner in Infinite Tower Needs Nerf

    Hello! I can get 41 floor with 560 AP. I quit tower when i get cat or SF opponent, they take 3 times more time to kill.