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  1. I agree, maybe they'll put a soulburn potion in f10 lol :^)))
  2. I've seen him twice after doing 25 dungeons where he can spawn. Pretty pathetic if you ask me,, but w/e they will most likely change this if they want to make money off of resets.
  3. Sometimes I feel like I'm headed in this direction. I hope whatever the problem is they fix it or just give us a 6m equivalent of 24m raids. :/ Alright. Thanks for your help; lemme know if you can think of anything else.
  4. It's mainly in MSP. When I used to do SSP my fps was in the 20s; a zone where there were a lot more people. I could still i-frame and anicancel ok. It's around 30-50 in dungeons and open world. In MSP I get freeze after freeze... and it seems like I really can't do anything about it. Last alternative is overclocking I guess? There's nothing going on in windows that I know of; I cleaned everything and uninstalled useless programs.
  5. it's playable. 30-50 in combat; i always play with ctrl f enabled.
  6. I've done everything you've listed before making this thread but I don't think I have the option to select using high-performance NVIDIA processor. @Tsuzor I think this also goes back to the link you sent me earlier.
  7. I'll let you know if it helps when maintenance is over.
  8. Did you read my post? I've tried different settings.. INCLUDING optimize for combat, optimize for low end PC. I know how to customize my graphics settings ingame. That's not the problem.
  9. Windows 8.1 Pro CPU: i5-4460 @3.2ghz GPU: GeForce GTX 960 RAM: 8.00 GB (7.87 GB usable) Motherboard: Gigabyte H97M-d3H I've tried running at different settings to little or no avail.
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