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  1. Good News has come at last

    Yep, that cleave damage and mighty cleave damage is nice, but its a drop in the bucket with regards to catching the destroyer up. As far as I can tell its the bracelet that is primarily needed to bring destroyer somewhat in line with the other classes (and the badges help with CD issues). Seeing black tower being next was pretty disappointing honestly.

    There won't be any left by then, I'm trying but its getting hard.... hah... hah... hahahahahahahahaha... *sob*
  3. And lets not forget the hats for the Christmas outfits.
  4. Destroyer DPS lackluster in PvE

    Sure it can solo/duo the same content, it just takes 30% longer... Possibly even 40% if you count the time lost for being melee rather than ranged. Currently a well geared FM can clear Naksun tower F9-F15 in ~16 minutes, good luck coming anywhere close to that with a destroyer right now. On another note, one of my clan mates geared up a new BD and we've been playing together a bit, he has worse soul shields, over 100 less AP, and no legendary, and his DPS is pretty much caught up to mine... its not fair *sob*.
  5. Destroyer DPS lackluster in PvE

    Party context, it is completely useless in solo play. In a party of course millage may vary, as it both depends on the composition of your party, and their relative gear level... in my case my party members also have high AP and they benefit tremendously from using their restraint skill, doing more damage in 18 seconds worth of restraint than over the course of the rest of a ~3 minute fight with their other skills. The extra damage they do because of the grab it is far more than I myself could do with fury, or even soulburn.
  6. Destroyer DPS lackluster in PvE

    Sorry about the rant, I'm just getting a bit fed up of being outclassed by other classes with similar gear to me and need to blow off some steam... At close to end game gear [700+AP] Destroyer DPS is bad, I've been aware of destroyer damage issues for quite a while, but they are finally a lot more visible due to the DPS meter. Even when animation canceling properly, the class clocks in at roughly 70%-80% of the damage of its peers (when not using its grab). A destroyer should benefit from that gear as much as every other class, and currently that just isn't the case. A destroyer doesn't get some special discount on upgrading its gear... It cost just as much to upgrade its gear as every other class, so why doesn't it see equal benefit? Sure, the class has a restraint grab, and it adds a lot of DPS to the party (although its not any more than soulburn or blue buff, which don't stop their users from attacking). Destroyer grab is some of the best damage it can do right now... that being said, it doesn't make any use of their gear whatsoever. Instead it relies on gear of the other members of the party, which begs the question... Why should a destroyer upgrade its gear when upgrading any of its party members gear will provide more damage? Destroyers have burst... But it isn't that much more that the burst damage of any other class. Destroyers are survivable... But don't do enough damage, nor have enough extra threat generation to effectively tank. Destroyers have a restraint skill... But so do Blade Dancers who outclass Destroyers in almost every way, bringing a restraint skill, similar survivability, similar mobility, and better DPS to the table. Destroyers are underwhelming in party play, and even more underwhelming in solo play when farming in places like Mushin's Tower and Naksun due to low damage. I'm thoroughly underwhelmed by the classes performance despite enjoying playing it... I guess what i'm trying to say is, destroyers just need to do more damage in PvE.