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  1. Thanks @JonJonPoPong2, Because of you I stopped myself from buying 4000 keys with the money I saved through this lock down. Just checked out some YouTube videos and the rates for high tier items in the trove are horrifying. I was really hoping to get some great gems and hopefully even the soul or heart but now won't even spend a penny on the trove. This trove is a complete waste of time not worth the money, time and effort just to disappoint myself. And 5000 keys? That's a complete and utter joke. Hopefully people will read this post and be reluctant to spend any money
  2. The game has come a long way since beta that's for sure, such as; continuation of the quest line (If you are interested), gear cost reductions for Legendary weapon's, new dungeons etc. But be prepared this game isn't one you can just half ass and expect to be max geared in a few months, I came back to this game back in February and I hit past 950+ AP. If you have money to spend that will help you in the long run but not farming for hours on end everyday can lead to either slow progression or for a while non at all. RNG is still a huge factor in this game for example Legendary Accessories (Afte
  3. I feel the same, it just feels like a job now. I play games to have fun not lose my sanity to boredom, I've done nothing but dailies, the big 5 (Ebondrake Lair - Desolate Tomb) and a few other dungeons and log out. Heck I don't even feel motivated to do the PvP event that's even going on right now, I just feel burnt out. Blade and Soul doesn't have much to offer for an MMO, boring open world, repetitive dungeons. I only feel motivated to log in for BT and hopefully VT soon. Oh and also the story line of course. I've stopped my monthly subscription and might try another game i.e Th
  4. I can understand the frustration of some who have never done BT before due to not being able to gather enough players or being geared enough to complete BT. With the 12 man raid system it would have allowed smaller clans to be able to tackle BT and progress with their gear. Especially those who have started to plan for the patch (Learning mechs, gathering players and setting days/times for the raid), and then come out with "It was a prank bro, chill" is kinda spitting into those players faces and showing that they are not valued. Having Raven is a massive DPS increase which is going to be need
  5. Oh yeah make sure that you are not using Integrated Graphics. That could cause a lot of FPS drops. http://prntscr.com/g0ze9h
  6. Yeah I took a break from the game for a few days and I've just come back, in NS I'm dropping from 121 FPS to around 40-50 considering I have older Hardware and a good gaming PC. This has never happened to me before in a 6 man dungeon I usually go down to around 80-90 (on high settings). PC Specs; i7 - 4790k 980 ti 850 Evo SSD 1 TB Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200 RPM 2 TB Asrock Extreme 6 Z97 HyperX FURY 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR3 1866 MHz
  7. Still I find it baffling that you get 20-30 FPS on a decent gaming laptop.
  8. 20-30 fps? o.O My spare gaming laptop which has a 850M 2GB and i7 - 4710MQ 2.5Ghz with the settings on 5 runs around 45-60. Make sure that your laptop is configured properly so that it uses your laptops true potential. Follow the guide below;
  9. The issue with implementing this immediately would mean that NCSoft would lose out on a lot of money. Let's take it from this approach, most/some (I can't determine the size of the player base who does this but some do from what I know ) players only do Trove for Legendary Elements and Jewels if they added this system into the game it would become easier to obtain them and then NCSoft loses money due to this. But when we get newer content and more weapon upgrades like the ones after Raven (Not sure what their names are) this will have to be implemented due to the vast of amount of them that yo
  10. Yeah I've noticed some weird latency spikes also, my normal ping is around 70-90 but I've seen it spike quite a lot to 150-200. Which for me seems like it a massive game freeze because I'm not used to playing on that level of latency.
  11. The game itself is fantastic but clearly NCSOFT is just chasing away players with their absurd gear upgrade costs and expect people to do with they can with the horrible rewards for doing daily purple trains etc. I mean there has to be a line drawn, otherwise this game has no successful future. Too many new mmos are going to be released in the next few years, I mean what chance does the game have with new MMOs that can offer more? Right now players should know that things are going to get worse from here on out, I mean there are more souls coming out with the level 55 patch whilst a large numb
  12. You're right, its just too much I can understand if we were playing the game for 2-3 years but its not even been 2 years. The content is being rushed and the heavy paying player base is trying to rush their upgrades by doing trove and rng boxes (which is completely fine, its your money do as you wish with it) but its going to get to the point where both F2P and Pay2Progress players just have enough and the game will slowly fall (there is already a massive decline in players, proof is the server merges). With new MMO's coming out this year I just feel as if people will just move on
  13. Jesus 170 runs... I ran the dungeon after 6 months of not doing it at all and it dropped for me...
  14. Adding the Dried Ginseng into the event in my opinion was a huge mistake, instead they should have added bound/un-tradeable items that could have been a better alternative instead. I'm not sure what they could have added, "maybe" Legendary Jewels/Elements for like 10-20 Fruits each. I'm not sure but something like that would have been great instead as it wouldn't have inflated the market to this extent, but whats done is done and hopefully they learn from their mistakes due to this event.
  15. I'm gonna have to agree with this, you have to remember Korea have had the game since 2012 we got the game around the start of last year so we haven't had much time to catch up at all. The best thing NCSoft can do is dish out events like the Peach one to help us catch up with gold/heavenly fruits to help us out with gear progression. Of course I am not a fan of the RNG aspect towards this but it beats farming dungeons all day long or even farming peaches towards no end, this has helped lots of people become more motivated farm peaches I know it has for me. Now don't get me wrong I would love n
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