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  1. I don't get this kind of shaking, I get up and down. And I believe it's because of the movement your character does doing animation. o.O you playing with brightness on lowest, so dark.
  2. As a melee, I move a LOT, like, I am always circling mobs, or just going side to side. So I had not actually noticed that the camara shakes when you're standing still and using abilties.
  3. If your class, can not be any other race on character creation.. Assuming that you can suddenly change it with a voucher, is... kinda idiotic.
  4. I am not sure I understand your thread. To me, it kinda reads like your complaining about this?
  5. How did you find this thread? How many pages did you go through before finding this? there hasn't been a single reply in 7 days, it can't have been close to front page.
  6. I am a bit unhappy with how my character never smiles. I don't really like the frown in pictures. And I am getting Black Mustang! gonna replace my Pugilist
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