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  1. Localisation should be confined to translating the language. Otherwise, the game should be identical anywhere.
  2. For that matter, whoever shouts "counterattack!" or "are you ready for this?" in the middle of melee combat?
  3. Is it any wonder that the game is plagued with gold sellers? BnS was fun while I was levelling up, but having reached 45 now, it's not fun any longer. There's a limit to how many times I want to run Brightstone Ruins. So I cancelled my sub, and I'll move on to other games that aren't so P2W. Oh look, there's a major update to TERA!
  4. Scrap all the tiers and give everyone level 9. Just the look of the tiers is off-putting, as it looks like you have to spend huge amounts of money to benefit properly.
  5. It's still broken design. Either nebula stones are a good idea or a bad idea. If good, they should stay in the game as a permanent feature. If not, then leave them out altogether. As to the viper cap instance, it's like some crappy arcade game.
  6. But please, say more than "hi". Whispering to someone is like phoning them. Imagine the phone rings at home, you answer it, and a strange voice says "hi" and no more. You want to know what it's about!
  7. As I understand it, the idea of the Viper Fungus event is to ease the upgrade path so that people don't have to grind old dungeons when they could be moving on to new content. So what happens after 1 June when the event ends? Is it intended that new players and those levelling up after that date have to go back to grinding old content as before? I don't see the point. If nebula stones are a good thing, they should be a permanent feature of the game. And preferably disconnected from the stupid and unfun Viper Fungus cave. It all looks just to be a badly thought-out bid to sell dungeon reset tok
  8. That way there would be even more demand for gold. It's the expense of buying stuff that tempts people to use goldsellers. The problem with BnS is that, compared to other games, loot drops are so feeble. The solution would be to let ordinary mobs drop soulstones now and then, and also have them drop rather more cash.
  9. It's not broken, it just feels that way because a large area of it yields 1 and 2. I just finished it today. No more DD for me for three weeks now. One ought to be able to go round again.
  10. I don't think this is correct. From what I understand, the wardrobe is part of the standard game client on all Asian servers. Only on NA/EU is it locked behind the premium sub.
  11. I doubt if dyes would work with the way the costume system works in BnS.
  12. One simple thing that would make the game more fun would be to add 5-10% to all the % drop chances. I mean, how often have you ever seen anything out of a daily reward chest besides a healing potion/repair tool/key? It would not hurt at all if the chances of say, a brilliant key, were improved. I would like to see loot drops improved in general. After all, what it comes down to, when deciding whether to keep playing the game is this: is it fun? I'm getting to the point where the game is ceasing to be fun, and that's when I go and play something else instead. It's not as
  13. Really, the economy needs to be rebalanced a bit. As has been said in other threads, the reason why BnS is plagued with so many gold sellers, while other games (like TERA) are not, is because the way the economy is set up encourages them. Certainly, as others in this thread have said, as a first step, make pre-level 50 stuff a lot cheaper and easier to upgrade.
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