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  1. they think following the other region is good... try to play the game... so you will know how much a non whale player earn.. even u lower the cost of the mail on gems its still big.. and i really dont know why u guys put a fee on gems when people already complain on ruby 5g mail before..
  2. well im just asking the one's that gives evolve stone.. those dont even give evolve stone lol
  3. i know some people didnt like the 24man zaiwei on DC list before and request to remove it. but now we need some other ways to get evolve stone .. if they add the 24man duns that gives evolve stone on Daily Challenge/Weekly Challenge. people will do it again.. atleast this way we can farm more since there is no chance on lowering the materials needed on oil atleast this will help us a bit. -Plog Sanctum -Beastbog -Zaiwei
  4. suck to have 6 complete hongmoon gems from event that u cant mail on alts cause of the FEE.. i have 9 chars.. so no more love for alts? tot this game was going to be alt friendly ...
  5. well yea i have friends but prob is we have diff. timezone.. im from ph.. my clan mate are from other country so ye.. had no choice to join rooms or lfp
  6. this become a big prob for those people who have alts since the hongmoon point update.. people dont trust on hm7 anymore even they have 650-700ap.. they even laugh at u for tryng deso.. even u know the mech.. u always see people asking hm11 for a normal deso. so if ur not hm 11 they will kick u immediately.. i have 9 chars and i run deso on my alts for soulshield.. now its kinda hard since they even bother to ask u if u know mech they just kick u immediately or laugh at u for joining
  7. i tried using my alt sin on cross server 654base ap hm6. they laugh at me cause i was hm6 and wanna do desolate tomb, i already clear deso alot of times on my main so i know mech but they assume i didnt know cause i was a HM6 .. people nowadays depend too much on hm lvl.. people with 600ap base but hm11 asking for hm11 for a normal deso. not all people that high hm lvl know mech, and not all whales know mech. i know some of u already pt with someone like that. the kick bug and hm point system ruin cross server they dont trust people with lower hm lvl. they assume u got no brain cause ur not a
  8. well making it account bound helps alot of people who cant clear or join skybreak spire.. its not like its easy to unlock those achievements without a team..
  9. here is my Jin BM . Changed main BD to BM :v
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