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  1. 5 year old cpu + new gpu I get around ~47fps (fraps fps counter) Latest i7 cpu + old gpu I get around ~10fps (fraps fps counter) And then people with bad gpus will be like wtf man!! I just got new hardware, ncsoft fix your *cricket* game!!!!!!!!!!! L M A O L M A O
  2. Yeah this "high end pc" joke is actually pretty funny when it started. It got a little boring now.
  3. I live in the Europe continent, 5000 Miles away from European servers and I get around ~40 ping with cheap internet ($35/month), most likely your internet provider's fault.
  4. Probably because people don't read the email properly and only see at the bottom that "NCSOFT" (fake one) sent them an email saying they need to verify their account or whatever, and hence they fall for the scam.
  5. You either spend $100 or drop 2 dollars and instantly get weapon! :)
  6. Most wiki's are written by game companies/developers themselves, not by players.
  7. Well to veteran players of course the wiki isn't going to be used alot, but to new players, it is a very useful resource.
  8. you should not tell others to not try the game based on your own personal experiences. it is very sad to see you go but if your decision is final then best of luck in your future endeavors! o/
  9. please do not offend others and be kind to others at all times, thank you.
  10. This might be caused by your internet, try to do a stress test on your net and see if the problem persists. if it does it might be either ncsoft's fault or your internet. please post back details so i can assist you. thank you.
  11. i have acquired one lately, the rng seems to be working fine for me haha dont stress over bad rng, go outside and take a walk! when you come back you will acquire one in no time :)
  12. yes when you see a bot, please report them to ncsoft's customer support so ncsoft will take appropriate action against those players violating the EULA, thank you.
  13. please provide customer support more details and be more specific so they will know what course of action to take. thank you for making bns a better place for players!
  14. i believe ncsoft is currently having problems with paypal transactions, in the meantime, try to use other payment methods such as mastercard, visa etc.
  15. using bots violates the terms of conditions. if you happen to see a bot, please report them to ncsoft's customer support. thank you.
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