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  1. Good job NCSoft! Your current action makes a lot of players angrier and question on your management ability. The outfit that you removed from my account is my ninja tortoise outfit. I used my real money to get that outfit. And I spent gold to buy the rosethorn outfit. Now, they are gone. Before you made that action, have you ever considered the good, the bad, and the worst. Oh! I forgot that you lack of the ability in critical thinking and management. If people complained, oh just gave them the same reason "We are currently investigating the issue. As soon as we have more information and final
  2. Aransu mystic badge is the strongest badge for now, so it is worth to get it. With 3 VT ss, 4's cooldown is 22.5 seconds. When you press 4, you can spam other skills like 2, lmb, rmb, or x. Of course, the dps will increase approximately 50k. With 8 VT ss, 4's cooldown is only 15 seconds. Your dps should increase 20k ~ 30k more (70k ~ 80k) since the X is getting stronger.
  3. This event dungeon is too hard to complete. I don't know what the developers think. But one thing I am very sure the HP of Poharan and the engraved time are ILLOGICAL. Did they test it?
  4. Frost VT badge is not worthless. In the next patch, they increase the damage from 5250% to 7950%. Not just 1 shot, but 3 shots. https://bnstree.com/news/Sk-npSAbf/12.13-kr-patch-summary. Mystic badge for more information
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