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  1. 1 hour ago, Fiana said:

    if you want to join Ebondrake Lair above dungeon with baleful dungeon and hollow acc fresh out from story, iam pretty sure you'll get kicked

    i never said i wanted to join El higher upto El u can join if u have upto seraph  or baleful 10. U cant  even join even if u wanted bec u need the higher weapon tire to do it  the first missions in the quest know ur dead is upto nf then a mushin tower f 16 which is relatively easy  if u have the weapon tire up to 9-10.and i get it we work then we play games i do the same but  how much time will it even take to complete a dungeon with one low lvl and completing a dungeon doesnt take  30 min it just takes 10  to 5 minimum if u have 5 / 6 players who r high lvl. hell they kicked me from ebondrake citadle. and how will a new player learn if they dont do  the dungeon themselves not just by seeing the mech videos.?

    and from what u r saying it looks like bns clans r dead bec of discord (no disrescpect intended). so then i have to look for discord clans.

  2. Blade and soul id dead u cant do anything if u r new player. Bec no one is willing to help an new player bec it is a waste of time.

    when  i started to play i ask for help they said to check out the new player guide so i checked it there everyone said to complete the side quest  which give a goo amount of  draken cores and money which will help u get ur starting gears so i went in ask for help and  got kicked from party but they r not willing to help bec i am undergeared. so pls explain HOW AM I GOING TO GET MY GEARS IF I DONT GET ANY HELP IN COMPLETING THIS QUEST.??

    some said join random parties so i joined  what did they do went in the lobby and left from there

    i saw a streamer doing those dungeons in solak gears with a party so why cant i ?

    the most basic raids the DKB and BT i cant even enter those  bec what they  r looking for raven 3+++ to do those .from what i read and saw u dont need a raven 3++ to do that if u have 6  high lvl players.

    I did NF with 3 including myself one was a sf and aother summoner  they were hm 16 and hm 18. we ran that dungeon with ease next time when i try to enter a party they said u r undergeared  u cant run and kicked me.

    Sometimes it feels like they r sitting in a office desk and playing the game when the boss is not around so they r looking for high lvl players so that they can just go and one hit the boos and  go the next.

    i ask is it too hard to  do a dungeon with one low  lvl player amongst a whole group of high lvl ones?is it that hard 

    some said look for clans to help u well the clans r fking dead all social clans last loged in like 2 6 2018  and competive clan theyy dont even care they start to promote then they enter the dungeon wher i cant even pm them and when they come out they dont even respond.

    so one thing i got  staraight is new players r not welcomed  they dont even bother to help u. u have to go and farm peaches for like 6 months to get the  starting gears.never seen such a worst community in any games before.

  3. I am starting this topic to report many bugs whic recently came to being after the gunner patch  was released.

    1- there is a huge fps drop all of a sudden (perticularly in all range class meele class is doing fine idk why)  no matter where i am or wht i am doing( includes standing still).my fps drops from 50 to 10 and then the game crashes.i belive many players r reporting the same thing..

    2- it is showing the runtime error all of a sudden which also started after the gunner release..

    3-i cant get the verification mail when i am trying to long in through the client it is showing systen error 3200 something i hav to log in thru the website..


    pls help me find the solution.i hav tried to repair the client but nothing happened..and pls answer bns....

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