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  1. Also will elder scales be account bound this patch? Since there is another new tier of scales.
  2. No, they both have 2 sec cooldown, you ignorant. ※ Exp Charm Transmute ✶ 5x 1m XP Charm + 1g = 5m XP Charm (2s CD) ✶ 50x 1m XP Charm + 10g = 10x 5m XP Charms (2s CD)
  3. Use C , it prevents special knockbacks/stuns that go through bladeward, even from boss wipes. You can Q before it hits then Q back in position and it wont harm your teammates, I think.
  4. Put the arms race cache in stage 12, thanks.
  5. True, just checked the article. The arms cache is supposed to be in the call to arms, but its not in box 12.
  6. Who are you to determine raids and trove content information isn't important? Classes and specs aren't necessarily more vital to stream, people can look it up from korea too. The classes and specs stream from NA don't teach people how to play well or anything, does that mean none of the streams are important? The fact of the matter is they used to stream all of this, even during the pandemic, and now they're lazier and all you do is accept a factually inferior service .
  7. No one here thinks your opinion is logical, because you constantly defend Ncsoft even when the quality of their work clearly goes down. This is the first trove without a stream, even when the pandemic was at its worst it didn't stop them before. They're getting lazier but that won't stop you from blindly covering for them, because that's what brainwashed white knights do.
  8. Can't contradict the fact that is the the only trove patch without a stream, so you ignore it in your argument. Imagine wasting your life making 6000 posts for a company and getting nothing in return.
  9. -Even with the new weapon, the new weapon isnt counted because its new. Hence even after the patch TB is still 2nd best in slot. This statement isn't logical. Pathetic. Not that I expected any semblance of intelligence from you.
  10. Thornbreaker wep 2nd best in slot? Try 3rd best once patch hits. Ignorant as usual.
  11. Don't forget trove. Think they never skipped a stream for trove. But UE4 will be great don't worry kekw.
  12. Did you get any pet gems? I'm getting not, and how many runs in those 8 hours? I was hyped for this change but did 13 runs and saw 1 psyche, 1 mask and 1 legendary earring, if you got no rare drops in 8 hours then it's hopeless ;l
  13. His spawn rate has been heavily nerfed, anyone who pretends otherwise is delusional.
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