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  1. SUGGESTION --trove improvement--

    I see the scam in such a small chance that it is not real to get clothes. The people said that the BNS is P2W, but it is not, it is P2L - pay and lose.
  2. SUGGESTION --trove improvement--

    All rng in the games is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, I used about 515 keys now, I saw the wings twice after ingestion of the 400th and 500th keys. Mythos and Dark emissari I have not seen at all. Conclusion, the last event when NCSOFT got my money. Because they want so more and more money will not get any. They are the winners of the business model, I say they steal and cheat.
  3. Treasure trove costumes

    I do not believe in the RNG, it's a scam, the NC keys give better rewards, I still have rewards with one star and the same garbage for FC Loopers. I have ridden various clothes for my character but this event is the last one in which I gave NCSOFT some money I gave them money voluntarily, but it's a scam, you have no chance to get the reward you want. I hope you will pay less and less people ...........
  4. Treasure trove costumes

    I used a 308 key and no clothes I wanted, some of which I have seen 3x. Some keys I bought for the euro, but thank you no longer. I do not intend to ever just enter the euro for your game because it is not fun and the way the direction in which the game with rng moves is disgusting. The current mnorpg industry is corrupted in such a way that one would vomit and in their forefront could become NCSOFT.
  5. I did not pay attention to this event, but when one reads it back, it's only to say that NCSOFT has created only one really good game and has since failed on all fronts.
  6. 50 box RIP off

    NCSOFT gave away a lot of prizes and we know that the game got enough HC to get them back, he gave another ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ or ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤in 'rng boxes in which he is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Raze - to play the game - to play with the game and it did not happen to me

    This event is exactly for those who have spent money on toll money for nowhere to use their eq, npv nobody wants them and the dunges are easy, so NCSOFT comes with some rattled shit and did the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing event as sorry but this one the company goes into terrible shit, Lineage 2 is shuffling, and BnS too, denying shame.And every cry he writes that he is a fine event is the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing shit that has a scratched head in his head and he spent so much money in the game that nothing was left in it ..........
  8. Disconnected from server

    in 43 minutes of the first reaction: x
  9. Disconnected from server

    Wait for Bless to come out and we'll try it too, I do not understand why they act like there's no other game, because their support is miserable.
  10. Disconnected from server

    At least it fell down at event dung with BD, if it fell to me SF it would be really bad: x
  11. That game is evil, my pc should handle the game with the overview, but because it is poorly optimized, so this extreme overloads my CPU, I believe that your problem is the same sudden increase in CPU load when loading in certain places in the game. SSP on 1 / 2 journeys between the center of the battlefield and the camp, etc.: D No way .....
  12. Lag & Soul

    Increasingly 600ms, how does it feel to take money for something that does not work? My premium membership is me completely to shit when the game nehratelná.Doufám that your game will leave many players with your approach that you started doing something, too, if you want have nothing to eat.
  13. Insane ping spikes

    NCsoft are not at all what some people are doing something for the running game? About my regular Ping so I can dream, I have all day 400-600ms with a maximum of 1400ms. When you run the game that you want to make, it would be a good idea to maintain At least in usable condition, when they're optimizing for so many years can not solve. I'm really glad that I can pay the premium account to which the game is unplayable. It's incredibly fun at the ping test I had better playability on servers in Korea where I had 320 ms, which is still less than a servers destined for EU
  14. Battle Ground DEAD

    Increasing the payment for a defeat will bring a lot of AFK idiot, game experience none.
  15. I have not seen the video but it's *cricket*ing event, chi only swimsuits for 6stage weapon, but thanks *cricket*ing RNG to get through 5 stage.Jestli is something pea nenavidim it is precisely the kind of RNG which is not visibly% chance, and it is publicly how other shit with people taking money
  16. Error 200

    After 1 hour the game lags, within 45 minutes ping despite 800, disconnected and lacking now is 200, it really? For how the game works really want to help people pay? It is not enough that the game you have modified to sucking the people's money, even after every maintenance harder and harder to play .cg
  17. DC, DC, DC, DC, and more DC

    Why do I have after each maintenance server ping worse and worse? If todle was just the normal maintenance and do not want to know what makes a merger serverů.Zobrazeni ping in the game does not work and when it appears it means that ping is *cricket*ed 200+, 800+ record today .With this hajzlu.Platit go to a premium account that the game is unplayable hell is the shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You want money so *cricket* you at work connections.