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  1. New 50 lvl big update

    I wasn't going to get my pirate weapon in such a short amount of time anyway (casual here). I guess I'll just have to farm 2x as much in the 3 hours I can spend a day, just to get my weapons done :)
  2. Loving BD...

    Rerolled from FM To BD and as a casual, I can enjoy it a lot more. By the time i reached 45 I already had 1550 in my rank in PvP and on my FM I had trouble getting even there (my combo skills suck as new player). This class feels far more intuitive and being small and agile, literally makes me dance across the battlefield.
  3. Skills not working on airborne targets HELP

    I'm mainly noticing this with the whirl you get afterwards (sorry, just hit 45, can't remember the name). In 1v1 PvP I don't have this issue but mainly in group PvE (yes, I know, I shouldn't use it on bosses). The problem occurs after the blade criss cross thingy and even with enough focus I can't use it from time to time.
  4. Fall damage while not falling

    I've encountered this issue a few times now. My latest encounter was a the pigsty entrance. I was going to jump down but found myself on a branch. However, the game probably thought I fell because I lost 90% of my HP. Another notable area is the Misty Woods Crimson tent for me. Sometimes when jumping down and gliding while the arc is going downwards, you suddenly get fall damage even though I'm gliding.
  5. Gliding or sprinting suddenly stopping

    I've been having this exact issue too, it even caused me to fall to death a few times in supply chain.