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  1. when we save the korea client to the client.exe folder shouldnt we select the drop down box next to the file name and choose absolute path and then browse to the actual client.exe in nvidia control panel and select it? When i do this it actually shows up as Blade and Soul (Korea blah blah blah) instead of the program files x86 blah blah blah. Just wonderin if that would change anything or make it worse. thanks!
  2. why do the blade and soul profile come back every time i restart my computer? also i dont think sli will work unless you change some of the settings within the profile because my second gpu doesnt come on untill i do so.
  3. nvm i was trying to "remove application from profile" instead of delete it which worked. Im using two 980s.
  4. we gatta do the steps again? when we restart bns? and when i was removing profiles under client i had like 5 client.exe's in the list i could delete but i wouldnt let me, only let me delete the one with some korean or japanese letters.
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