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  1. It's not my first time purchase, so I know which email I should check with.
  2. It's been 28 hours for me since the purchase and still no NC Coin, I've sent the ticket to the billing support and it was labeled as "Solved" 7 hours ago from my post on this thread. So hopefully it is done by tomorrow.
  3. Update 1 I've checked my ticket status and it is Solved but I didn't get any notification or email from the support team.
  4. I've wrote the ticket to support team to assist me with this but it's been close to 24 hours and still no reply from the team. Another peculiar thing about the purchase I've made is that there is no summary page after I've clicked the purchase button. My intention was to buy 4000 NC Coin or 50 USD worth of NC Coin but I was charged twice for it. I've also included the billing notice from my bank that was sent to my phone for support team reference. I hope any admin here can speed up this process by informing the support team. Thank you.
  5. You have to transfer all the files on NCSoft folder to your D, uninstall the current launcher and then reinstall it. Open the launcher and you will notice that the launcher will ask to locate the file if you have installed it previously. Just locate the NCSoft folder and you're done.
  6. Considering that you're posting this 4 hours ago people in NA still sleeping (most of em), so you can't really say that the population in the server is low.
  7. Yes the achievement stays, but make sure you feed your new alt with all 3 foods before the box event ended.
  8. If you have all the following criteria as mentioned above 1~4, register and redeem the rewards during the launch day. So yes, as an Aussie you will enjoy the goodies as well.
  9. More like pay 2 whatever you need as long as you're happy mmo.
  10. I agreed with you on this, let people know the chances for them to win the items they want. But what I am afraid of is marketing scheme that could be exploited from this rule. You put 30% drop rate but then the actual drop rate will later be altered to whatever percentage they want. So it is double scam in your face.
  11. Well I don't really know the statistics of how many people are still logging in every month but I would say somewhere between 35~55k on average for NA maybe slightly less for EU. As for updates, we're still receiving new updates every month + events while end game content is somewhat locked behind huge paywall ( Vortex Temple ). But other than those I've mentioned Blade and Soul is still worth coming back especially with upcoming lv 55 cap next month and on top of that you can get free lv 50 char voucher with lots of goodies.
  12. Opened 50 boxes Drops.... 15x Maple Leaf 3x Empyrean Stone 3x 10 Moonstones 3x Sealed Sacred Oil 2x Premium Silverfrost Transformation Stone 11x Raven King Souls 6x Xanos Disc 5x Evolve Stones 4x 1 million xp charm 4x Tempted Fate Costume 4x 5 Elysian Orbs and bunch of other stuffs not worth mentioning. I honestly didn't feel too much of regret buying 50 of this boxes knowing that the drop rates are very low, but I was hoping that Maple Leaf should be at least 50% chance.
  13. Well I guess it's a good way for NCWest to track those bots IPs? Let them register and ban them ( just my stupid theory )
  14. I was a lil bit surprised when Yun got the Zulia bikini instead of Gon but nevertheless, Yehara's beach wear wasn't really that bad. They're going to release another recolor as well for last year summer groove outfits and these are some of the Gon's recolors... Other recolors can be found from this link
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