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    Ya I can't post under my original account because I showed a video of a hacker. It's ok though, there's plenty of email addresses in the world.
  2. Where is BnS headed...?

    It'll be nice won't it to get that crafting up so you can make a VERY minimal profit/time ratio? It's pretty basic economics. If you go out tomorrow and all the sudden you're paying $20 for 2 weeks worth of food at the grocery store you would probably think it's a good thing. So I won't bother trying to explain.
  3. Where is BnS headed...?

    Which may also mean anything you want to sell has as well what a shocker! Difference is you prob put a couple hours into it eh, while a bot did nothing and is 100x more wealthy than you are.
  4. It's time to QUIT

  5. Or option number 4. Just quit and chalk it up as another failure that it is. Games ok, not good enough to go week after week seeing them not do a single thing. I'll just quit and hope Blizzard doesn't screw up Overwatch which is the next big game I'll try to get into. BnS is done.
  6. It's time to QUIT

    Playing against bots 1v1 in arena is fun? Playing with and against bots in tag arena is fun? Queuing with afks and bots for dungeons is fun?
  7. Where is BnS headed...?

    Ok I'm currently Platinum 1v1 and gold in tags which is an achievement itself. Now around 1900-2000 1v1 come the Hacker bots and Hacker Summoners, what's your plan to get above those genius? Which I say that because obviously you've never been that high and don't know what's there, because I'll tell you, hacker summoners, high ping bots that will give you a 1-2 second delay making fighting them impossible, and bots using hacks. So I learned the game quite well, I played all 5 closed betas and started during headstart. I don't want nor need a learning curve. If I play pvp I want to play pvp simple as that. If I want to go kill an NPC which is the same as a bot I'll go kill Huren over and over and over in Misty Woods. Do ya understand the concept?? Or is your white knighting really that ignorant?
  8. Where is BnS headed...?

    Ummm simple? Ya I can make a tag group easy enough...to do what? Play against 2 afk/bots and faceroll one poor guy?
  9. Where is BnS headed...?

    What happens when you wan to sell YOUR soulstones? What happens when you spend 24 hours to craft 10 moonwater stones to sell only to see they have dropped to 1g a piece? This is after you have spent hours doing things to collect them? The gold and items from bots have no real value because nothing was really done to obtain them. Do you think the mint should print out a few hundred billion dollars tomorrow and give everyone 10 grand? Do you think that would help the economy? Here's a hint to the correct answer, NO it would be absolutely catastrophic to the economy.
  10. Or like many things they say on the streams they're just words with nothing behind them. How long term? Like after everyone's gone?
  11. This is ridiculous

    My 1st NCsoft game, before starting it I got many warning against them, now I can clearly see why. Amazed that they are still in business.
  12. Ya hilarious, just when the forum is overrun with topics from people sick of the bots the forums get overrun with bots themselves. Too funny.
  13. They have ignored it this long, no one talking about it nothing being said to say they going to combat it in any way. Zero transparency on this or any other issues the game is currently plagued with. Bots are the main problem but they have a laundry list of other things that need serious attention as well. Nothing is being done about any of them.
  14. https://twitter.com/bladeandsoul/status/710611366608896000/photo/1 Necromine ‏@Necromine Mar 17 @bladeandsoul can't wait to see the bots in these new areas! :D 0 retweets 3 likes Tunk ‏@TunkStream Mar 17 @bladeandsoul can't wait to see the frame drops in these new areas. 0 retweets 1 like Show more Kháda_Jhin ‏@Mao_The_God_Tao 16h16 hours ago @bladeandsoul it will look beautiful at 10fps 0 retweets 0 likes Missing Zero ‏@Grym_Z Mar 17 @bladeandsoul I think I like it. :D 0 retweets 0 likes Patrick Ouyang ‏@Patmyfatcat Mar 17 @bladeandsoul absolutely beautiful 0 retweets 0 likes Varient9 ‏@Varient9 Mar 17 @bladeandsoul the bot paths are already set up from the KR servers. it will be harder to farm 0 retweets 0 likes Bernaz Ionut ‏@Johnny_bernaz Mar 17 @bladeandsoul the comments about bots are savage ahahah. Keep it up guys maybe one day they will care. 0 retweets 0 likes
  15. 64bit client with Silverfrost?

    My point isn't clear? You said said they are working on it? Then go on to name games that are 64bit. What's your point and where ANYWHERE did they say they were working on a 64bit client (which they aren't)? My point is why are you naming 64bit client games? This isn't those games and is clearly not 64bit. Nor anywhere has it been said that one is coming, that they are working on one or they have ever even considered it.
  16. It's time to QUIT

    Then you don't know the 1st thing about economics, think the mint should just print up a few hundred billion dollars and give everyone 10 grand? Think that will boost the economy? The answer is no, because nothing was done for the money therefor making it worthless, just like this game.
  17. It's time to QUIT

    Ya 3 friends are gone since 2 weeks ago, was hoping for something since then but it's clear they not going to do anything, Bots everywhere and high level PvP overrun with hackers. This game's a disgrace.
  18. i have given up

    OK...most people are quitting because of the glaring ACTUAL problems but to each his own.

    Hey so what they don't fix ANY problems, at least they don't acknowledge there is a problem or talk about it as well. It's ultimate ignorance, this game will be dead in 3 months. Also the 1700-1900 area yep but they go far beyond that although into 1900-2000 it's a wall of hacker summoners to replace the bots.
  20. Ya those guys are cool, they live down the street from me.
  21. 64bit client with Silverfrost?

    That's nice, I always forget Blade and Soul is Black Desert, how silly of me.
  22. 64bit client with Silverfrost?

    But the thing is they're not gonna do it, they've never even talked about doing it.
  23. Bought a Master Founders pack and prob another $50 into the game the 1st month. Wish I had not given them a single dime seeing how the game has turned out in their hands. They don't deserve to get another penny from anyone.