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  1. Unbalanced pvp

    Here's a question... why is it that any melee class, using some type of sword, is always the worst class for pvp in every MMO I play? Often they are one of better ones to solo pve your way through the whole game, but when it comes to dueling any other class, you have to work harder than anyone else. Evading, dodging, blocking, semi kiting with numerous combos and stuns. Then the amount of time that I see most range classes never have to do anything but spam basic snot shooting attacks and run away the whole time. And even if you do land a combo, half the time it barely makes a dent in their HP. Because you know, apparently big ass swords cant pierce all that cloth armor.

    Heres my solution, ban all summoners from arenas period. In my experience, more than 3/4 of them appear to be bots anyways. 90% of the time theres 2 on my tag team. Unfortunately all the ones on my team only ever seem to be afk and dont do anything. Why even allow them to play at all if more than half of them exploit? That or just remove familars. Put classes with them in a whole different category. Might as well call it 2v1s, because thats basically what they are.
  3. Music Videos

    Couple random music videos I put together while leveling up a Blade Master.
  4. Quest log bug

    My quest log only has 27/40 dailies in it and 20/36 total quests. It will not let me pick up any more without abandoning another one. Why?