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  1. ah ok gut zu wissen, dankeschön gruß Zavi
  2. Danke für die antwort, na dann werde ich mir mal eine holen, nachdem ich seele und pet fertig hab gruß Zavi
  3. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Oh man this thread is just pure entertainment, best of all people who say they hate lyns and would never make one but on the same note are crying it is a cashgrab because of later racechange...if you would never make a lyn it does not really concerne you...and if other people want to buy it, why not just let them it is obvious that lyn players pay more money in this game, so it is just natural that more classes will be unlocked for them- this is a buisness after all if you want want more classes for other races, there is a easy solution - all you lyn-haters should band together and pay more money for chars of the other races (maybe make a kr-account so it has more impact ;p) and yes i have 2 lyns ( BD and Sum - you can guess why they are lyn) my other chars are other races (mostly gon female- because the other females have really odd proportions in my book- but thats just me) and i personally don't care if other people can make a lyn-warden if they like to- it doesn't lessen my game-enjoyment in any way and it shouldn't lessen yours maybe ,just maybe stop with the crying about an update that is not even on the horizon for us and just play the game
  4. hallo erstmal, bin zur zeit noch auf meinem stab des dunklen geist 10 und habe nun gesehen, dass es ja die firmament waffe in dem marken des aufstiegs - event gibt, ist es sinnvoll sich die zu holen oder eher nicht...der grund warum ich schwanke ist, dass ich nicht weiß ob aus der box auch ne 6-slot waffe kommen kann oder die immer nur 3-slots hat...weil naja wieder zurück auf ne 3 slot waffe will ich eigentlich nicht- und makellose juwelenhammer zu holen um sie auf zu machen ist ja nun wirklich mehr als teuer vll weiß da ja jmd mehr gruß Zavi
  5. Question about content continuation:

    i am not 100% sure but i think i read in korea they are in act 7 of the story and we get now act 4 so i hope there is much more to do ;)