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  1. Summoner DPS

    my friends play BM and FM have much more dps than me with same ping. i dont know much about other classes but summoner is not op in this patch for sure. it more likes supporter with heal and rescue than a damage dealer
  2. Summoner DPS

    can you please make a video when you go yeti? cuz i have some friends with same ping with me,and their dps are not much different. or im a noob summoner even i played it like 5 months :( , i really want to know that. ty
  3. Summoner DPS

    ya i know but try it with 200 ping. you will see :)
  4. Summoner DPS

    are you sure he is 670ap? im 700ap and my dps in yeti about 13-14,000. of course my ping is around 200, but i dont think 670ap with good ping can damage this much
  5. Summoners nerfed again! Patch notes here.

    you dont see rumblebees stage 3 damage deacreased too?
  6. So Bms now top dps

    just watch this video. seem like all classes are kind of balance except Sin :( not right now in NA server but in future i think :)
  7. Summoner: The End

    no,they trying to force ppl to go delete their Sum class. cuz next path sunflower and Bee's damage are decreased
  8. Summoner Skills: Share your opinion!!!

    they will as your wish in next patch. sunflower and bee stage 3 damage got nerfed
  9. Will Dissolate Tomb even possible for NA people?

    agreed! But i think its impossible on F8 now. where so many kind of ppl are too lazzy only know dps and dps. not even read or watch a guide.
  10. New rosethorn bugged?

    i dont think range is problem. close range just make you can spam Bee faster i can cancel that cast time if i move around, but in this video,i see they can do it with close or ranged distance,move or stay are same. still dont know why
  11. Bee Vs Sunflower Comparison Thread

    for now with this crit rate. i think sunflower still better than Bees,maybe wait till we got like 70-80% crit rate and for ppl who hate sunflower and love Bee's build. damage of sunflower will be decreased on next patch its coming soon so enjoy your sunflower build :)
  12. no. Skill 2 will have another stage with kd. i saw it from youtube :)