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  1. Any not completeing daily dash

    Misaika if you ever played beta you would know that the old way has a "special" prize when you finished it. so keep your troll comments to yourself. I finished with 7 days left, I sure am glad I don't have Premium.
  2. Any not completeing daily dash

    I finished on Sunday the 10th 2016, I sent in a report about the old daily dash use to reset and start you over at the beginning. The support said this... Regarding your concern, please note that the current Daily Dash is intended to end upon reaching the end of the board. However, our development team is working on finding ways to make the Daily Dash better for our players and we invite you to share your thoughts on our official forums. Edit: My request is put it back the way it was. If its not broken why fix it.
  3. Can't remove practice citrine

    Same thing happened to me too. they need to make it so you can destroy it or delete the item if people don't finish the quest right. right now I have the gem in my inventory. I went back to the quest giver and he shows no sign of me needing to finish that quest so now I am stuck with this item in my inventory.
  4. stuck in water

    Have a video to make it easy for all to see where I got stuck at.